Phoenix is live, first week.

Thank you all for the amazing first week!

We hit a peak of 3573 concurrent players (with 3805 connected clients) yesterday and during the week around 3000 concurrent players around 9 pm CET. Given the performance metrics, it looks like our player cap should be close to 5000.

On to some more technicalities and issues:
We started off with one freeze cause, one crash cause and somewhat regular lags that increase in duration the longer the server is up every 60ish minutes.
The crash cause has been fixed on Wednesday and since then we haven’t had a hard crash. The freeze cause has been found yesterday and a fix has been applied today, Sunday, time will tell if this fixed it for good or if there is another one lurking.

The regular lags are a different story and fixing them will be the focus next week. The first lag usually happens around 30 minutes after a server restart and takes around 1 – 2 seconds, the next one is usually after another 30 or 60 minutes and still takes 1 – 2 seconds and from there it happens around every 60 – 120 minutes and starts to increase in duration, after about 10 – 16 hours of uptime (depending on how many players are online) it reaches a point where the lag duration can potentially be more than 10 seconds which causes an disconnect for everyone which in turn leads to all sorts of fun that ends with a restart being required. 
The stop gap solution we’re doing until a proper fix has be done is to restart about every 8 hours, we’ll try to take posted raid schedules as well as spontaneous raids into account.

In case people care about the technical cause: We have a couple somewhat major memory leaks, npcs/mobs in particular, after a fresh restart the server uses around 25GB ram, after about 10 hours it’s up to 80GB and the pause itself is a stop the world gen 2 garbage collector pause.

Near the end of the week we also ran into a couple auth server issues caused by 3 different DDOS with one of them being rather persistent. This auth server issue should now be resolved but whenever a restart is required with a rather large player count we kind of run into a thundering herd problem, we’ll work on that next week as well.

Learn how to play and connect:

Uthgard 2.0: Going Forward


Dear Players,

We hope you are enjoying the changes that have recently been made to Uthgard. We have also seen great feedback from our loyal players about our recent events and how it helped to progress. Based on that feedback we will bring some more changes that should ease your experience while leveling up. The following changes will be applied to our setup:

Group Bonus Experience
We want to encourage you to build groups and getting into groups easier. There will be a new group bonus depending on how many players are in the group. This bonus stacks with any BAF bonus (Bring a Friend bonus) and will be listed at the same place after a kill. You will see group bonuses of up to +50% XP which will also leverage any other bonuses which come after it.

2 Players 5%
3 Players 15%
4 Players 25%
5 Players 35%
6 Players 40%
7 Players 45%
8 Players 50%

The following limitations exist: The bonus considers all players which are not more than 15 levels below the highest player in the group. Also if a player of the group is not in the range of the group (e.g. other zone) this player does not count for the bonus.

Rotating RP bonus for solo/duo/trio
Following the success of our ‘Summer Heat’ event we have decided to add a permanent zone based RP bonus for solos, duos and trios. The bonus will rotate between zones and will be as following:

+20% realm point bonus in Emain Macha, Odin’s Gate or Hadrian’s Wall

The zone rotation will take place weekly on a Monday and we will start with Emain Macha as the first selected zone. Use the /bonuses command to check which zone the bonus has.

Between 02:00 CEST and 11:00 CEST that zone will have a doubled bonus of +40% RP.

Outpost Bonus
The bonus around keeps was altered to the following settings:
Keep owned by Realm: +15% XP
Keep owned by Guild: +30% XP

To benefit from the guild bonus around a guild keep at least one member of that guild should be in your group. It is no longer required that the leader of the group is member of the guild. In Battlegrounds the bonus from a claimed keep will reach the whole zone.

Zone Bonuses
We changed the XP bonuses that will apply to certain zones. In parenthesis you see the combined bonus a full group will see in these zones at a minimum.

+25% XP in Darkness Falls (+87.5%)
+25% XP in Frontiers (+87.5%, around realm owned keep +115%, around guild keep +143%)
+30% XP in RvR dungeons (+95%)
+30% XP in Battlegrounds (+95%, around realm owned keep +124%, around guild keep +153%)

We prepared our Battlegrounds in a way that leveling should be possible in there. Mobs in there will drop RoG items.

Bonus to Tasks and Quests
We also change the experience you will see from quests and tasks.

+50% XP to Kill Tasks
+50% XP to Delivery Tasks
+50% XP to Quests

Underpopulation Bonus
Hibernia will see an additional underpopulation bonus of +10% XP which adds to all zones of Hibernia. This is a temporary measure until realms are more equally played.
We will evaluate weekly if it is still required or if another realm is in need.

Run Speed Changes
We increase the run speed in PvE zones while you are not in combat (Patch 1.75). The improved speed will not stack with any existing speed buff but will stack with sprint. You have to be not involved in combat for at least one minute. More options to travel are planned.

Recharge Merchants at Border Keeps
Recharge merchants are available in border keeps which will allow you to charge your dropped items.

RvR Stable Masters
The Stable Masters stationed in Realm vs. Realm zones have had their pricing adjusted.

Keep Claims
To claim a keep you will need 4 players in your group instead of 8.

There are alot more changes in the queue which we currently discuss and will implement. If you miss a certain change, don’t be afraid, it’s probably already under discussion. We will monitor your feedback on our new changes and are ready to make adjustments if needed. In the next days the focus will also be on bugfixing sessions for important bugfixes which were open for too long. If you have any important bug(s) you want to see fixed asap, you can push it in the issue tracker by adding a comment and/or vote for it.

As always we want to remind you of the changes made so far for the server to make it more enjoyable for you and we will not stop there:

    • • Dot on map for you and your group members
    • • Horse routes in RvR zones.
    • • Bind in battlegrounds.
    • • No realm point penalty while dead for grouped players.
    • • Starter guilds joined an alliance, so players in there can communicate with other starter guilds realm wide.
    • • Realm transfer shortened from 7 days to 48h.
    • • Realm transfer nearly immediate (5 min) if you was not logged in the last 5 days.
    • • Reworked Alchemy with multiple charge potions.
    • • Auto train removal.
    • • Mana Regeneration removed whilst player is sitting.
    • • Paladin endurance range increased to 1500 units.
    • • Crafted Weapon Lusters available.
    • • Hastener Speed of the Realm increased to seven minutes.
    • • Determination 3 added to: Paladin, Reaver, Valewalker, Champion and Thane.
    • /xp off has been implemented.

Your Uthgard Staff

Uthgard 2.0: Summer Heat – Part 2


Dear players,

The sweltering sun has dried up all the fun! Fortunately the weather forecast calls for another breeze! Enjoy another round of bonuses over the weekend while we are preparing further changes. The wind currents will flow in favor of our Hibernian friends in need.

Hibernian players will receive an additional underdog boost as they stand short on men!



From Friday 10. August 18:00 CEST to 13. August 2018 10:00 CEST you can enjoy the following bonuses:

    • +50% Experience and Money in all areas (Stacks with other bonuses)
    • +20% Experience on top of that for Hibernia
    • +50% Realm Points for anyone who is solo or in a small group of max. 3 players in EMAIN!

(RP bonus applies to player kills only)

See you on the battlefield!

Your Uthgard Staff

Uthgard 2.0: Summer of Love


Dear Players,

As mentioned in our previous news post changes are now imminently coming to Uthgard. The Staff and the Player Council has begun its work and we see quite productive discussions and decisions already. This is a followup to the ‘Summer Heat – A Look Forward’ news and we would like to inform you of further changes that have been made and are available today.

The following changes have been discussed and carefully thought through in the player council and were voted to be implemented.

    • Multiple Charge Potions
    • The Alchemy craft skill has been reworked. All potions have been upgraded to have multiple charges. You can now craft elixirs, potions and draughts with respective 3, 6 or 9 charges on it. We also removed the upcrafting. This means you can craft the potion in one step from ingredients. In addition the coloring of the different potion types (patch V1.68) was implemented.
    • Auto Train
    • We decided to remove Auto Train from the game in the next days. This will be implemented original as in Patch 1.87. All classes which auto train will be respecced on login. You will see a message when that happens.
    • As reference these are the original patch notes which will apply to Uthgard:
    • ————————-
    • The current autotraining system has been revised. It will no longer punish players who spend points early in their careers.
    • – Characters will no longer auto train skills as they gain levels.
    • – When training a skill that would normally have autotrained, a player will not be charged points up to their character level’s maximum autotrained skill level. Example: An Armsman who has zero slash at level 50 will not be charged for their first 12 points. After 12, they will be charged points normally for that skill.
    • – If you have a higher skill than what would be awarded to you by autotraining at that level, the points that would have been awarded are refunded to your skill point pool. Example: If you have 40 slash, and you hit a level 48, you normally would have been autotrained to 12 slash. Since you have a higher slash than 12, those 12 points are refunded to your pool.
    • – The skill points will be consistent if you train through a trainer or use a respec.
    • ————————-
    • Mana regeneration
    • We have removed the mana regeneration penalty under 50% while a player is sitting. This change will maintain the tactical importance of power management as sitting makes a player vulnerable.
    • Paladin
    • Paladins endurance chant has been increased in range to 1500 units.
    • Crafted Weapon Lusters
    • Alongside the draught potions Alchemy changes players will now be able to craft weapon lusters.
    • Hasteners in RvR
    • Speed of the Realm duration has been increased from 4 to 7 minutes.
    • Determination Realm Ability
    • Paladin, Reaver, Valewalker, Champion and Thane will now have access to Determination up to level 3.
    • /xp off
    The /xp off command has been implemented. You can use it to stop gaining any XP. Use it again to toggle it. It can be useful for players who want to max out their RP in the battlegrounds without exceeding the maximum level of the BG.

There is a lot under discussion which we have to work through and we will soon follow with another set of changes and features. We are excited at the direction the server is taking and we hope you enjoy this news and the news to come.

Before ending this news post we want to remind players of the changes that went live already with our last news post:

    • • Dot on map for you and your group members
    • • Horse routes in RvR zones
    • • Bind in battlegrounds
    • • No realm point penalty while dead for grouped players
    • • Starter guilds joined an alliance, so players in there can communicate with other starter guilds realm wide[/b]
    • • Realm transfer was shortened from 7 days to 48h
    • Realm transfer will be nearly immediate (5 min) if you was not logged in the last 5 days

More to come in the next news. Until then, see you on the battlefield!

Your Uthgard Staff

Uthgard 2.0: Summer Heat – A Look Forward (BIG CHANGES)


Dear players.

It’s hot out (nearly 37°C it seems) and that can be dangerous! Take a load off and relax in your cooled, air conditioned room and enjoy our Summer Heat XP / RvR event on Uthgard while we implement changes to the server. Changes that will allow Uthgard to grow, progress and hopefully build a better relationship between us the staff and you our players.


From NOW to 8. August 2018 10:00 CEST you can enjoy the following bonuses:

    • +50% Experience and Money in all areas (Stacks with other bonuses)
    • +50% Realm Points
    • +100% Realm Points for anyone who is solo or in a small group of max. 3 players in EMAIN!

(RP bonus applies to player kills only)

Please also take the time to read our statement about the current state of Uthgard and the future outlook for the server.


The idea behind Uthgard 1 shutting down and starting from scratch was to try something that had been a vision of the Uthgard Staff since 2009 – a “classic” experience. Uthgard had at one point followed live patches until things seemingly went off the rails, and we ended up somewhere around 1.80. With that in mind, working backwards towards 1.69 (the then-target), it became clear that a wipe was needed to even out the playing field after 9 years of continuous operation.

When we shut down in January 2014, we hoped to start fresh with the intention: Try and start with the full 1.65 vision, and customize later where needed. It seems quite clear we’ve reached the “where needed” point – and that the community by and large agrees.

With this news announcement, we want to inform you that we are changing our strict 1.65 policy to get the game more playable and enjoyable while trying to keep a classic feel to it. Also note, as some players already asked, there is no wipe planned for the server. All characters and achievements are safe. We had one wipe after 9 years and thats it.


In the upcoming days and weeks we will begin to implement various features and changes that should improve the game. An example of features that will be implemented are as follows:

• Find ways to increase the XP rate, while maintaining a sense of accomplishment
• Reduce travel times and downtimes
• Multiple charges on potions
• Offer quicker ways to get to action, especially in cases where a speed class is not available
• Enable the map dot
• The return of ‘Tinderboxes’, campfires that increase health, endurance, and power regeneration
• Crafting improvement
• Wood for BP
• DF hidden access
• Decrease time required to transfer between realms
• Features that you request and which can be made fit into the game
• Many more changes not listed here

We plan to keep a minimum of a once-per-month news post where we keep you updated and consider and answer feedback we have seen. We would also like to reactivate the player council. If you are interested in a player council position please write a PM. The player council will have more weight in the decision process and will have access to a special forum area where we can discuss issues and develop solutions. This also includes discussing game imbalances which require a patch.


While the specifics of some changes above are still being outlined, we welcome your feedback. The following changes already found their way into the game:

• Dot on map for you and your group members
• Horse routes in RvR zones
• Bind in battlegrounds
• No realm point penalty while dead for grouped players
• Starter guilds joined an alliance, so players in there can communicate with other starter guilds realm wide
• Realm transfer was shortened from 7 days to 48h
• Realm transfer will be nearly immediate (5 min) if you was not logged in the last 5 days

This is a first step that the server is taking. We want your playing experience to improve whilst keeping the balance of the server and thus the spirit of the game alive.

We will followup with more changes in upcoming news and look forward to see your feedback and input regarding these changes and the future of the server.

We look forward to see you back on the battlefield!

Your Uthgard Staff

Uthgard 2.0: News Blooms in Spring


We’ve been hard at work here on Uthgard on a number of initiatives to bring forward some new features. Many of these changes are on our back end for staff to improve our operations, however, there are a number of exciting changes that we wanted to share with you some changes we’ve made in recent weeks.

We have been hard at work on implementing our faction system. Factions represent how much an NPC or monster likes or dislikes you. We have reset all standings with all factions and they are now in full effect. Examine NPCs and monsters carefully, as you may now see a different behavior towards you based on your previous actions! Now you can befriend creatures of a certain type. Skillfully explore and make your relationships work to your advantage, such as being able to pass through the dragon zones with minimal resistance as you befriend the warring creatures.

The faction system is now live within our world as of today, 5/29/2018!

Crafting Keep Additions

We believe players should be rewarded for choosing to craft in more dangerous areas. We already implemented a +25% craft speed bonus, however, now you will find all crafting masters as well as a Vaultkeeper in these keeps as well, so that you may now skill up from start to maximum skill level in these keeps, should you wish to undertake the dangerous journey. In addition, crafting tools (sewing kit, planning tool, smiths hammer) are now available on their respective merchants in these keeps as well.

The craft speed bonus and crafting masters are located inside of: Dun Crauchon, Caer Benowyc & Bledmeer Faste.

Social Chat Changes
In addition to within the capital cities, we have introduced region-wide /broad and /trade chat inside housing. Players will now have access to chat with realm mates across their entire housing area, making for a much more social and interactive experience. Because of this new wider access, we have implemented the /trade channel in capital cities (Tir na Nog, Camelot & Jordheim), which has a cooldown timer, similar to LFG.

We ask that all trade be conducted via /trade, rather than /broad. This includes asking for crafters, buying, or selling items. We’ll be reminding players over the next several weeks about the proper usage then we will begin moderating the /broad chat with a timeout based system, similar to LFG. Similarly, /trade is not for social chat, joking, LFG or RVR information. We will have a timeout based on those guidelines as well.

Violations will work on the following time scales:
1-2 Violations: 24 hour restriction
3 Violations: 2 day restriction
4 Violations: 7 day restriction
5 or more Violations: 30 day restriction

This will be counted and applied account wide from now on, instead of per-character.

Bug Fixes
We want to remind you that recent bug fixes can be seen on the Uthgard homepage when you are launching the game. You can click each item to get more details including reviewing information about when the fix is live. Some fixes can be effective immediately, while others must wait until after we restart the server. You can view the uptime of the server using the /serverinfo command.

As always, we wish to thank you for playing on Uthgard and we look forward to seeing you out on the battlefield.

Warm regards,
Your Uthgard Staff

Uthgard 2.0: RP for keep takes, exp group bonus and summer XP event!

Summer XP Event

First things first – Looking to stay cool during the hot August nights? Come enjoy another bonus XP weekend!

10. August 2017 at 20:00 CEST – 14. August 2017 9:00 CEST

We will offer a +30% XP bonus during the time of the event that stacks with all other bonuses in all areas! At the same time there will be an increase of +30% money from bag of coins and chests. Your chance to get your rusty and stuck character leveled up. Don’t miss it!

Keep Realm Point Pool and Siege Incentives

This update focuses on highlighting two options for advancing your character by rewarding you for participating in Realm vs Realm.

New Keep Siege Realm Point Pool

We implemented a new feature to reward defenders and attackers of a keep raid for successfully defending or attacking a keep. To encourage players to participate in keep siege and defenses, we introduce a bonus feature inspired from later versions of Dark Age of Camelot. As players are killed near a keep, bonus Realm Points are added up into a pool that is awarded on a successful capture or defense of a keep. After a keep siege has ended, stick around for 60 seconds to be rewarded what was collected up in the pool! A message will tell you when that happens.

RP For Keep Takes

To recap, on Uthgard, we award players for participating in capturing a keep. Players receive a reward that is based on the difficulty in taking that keep. This is above and beyond the bonus realm points for any defenders you may have killed during a keep siege. This has been active for some time on Uthgard and we wanted to inform you exactly how it works.

When you conquer a keep, realm points are distributed to all players in range for defeating the keep Lord itself, regardless of the number of defenders. The total realm points awarded is based on the level of each door and the level of the keep itself. You will see increased rewards based on the level of each door as well as the level of the keep.

We increased the total amount of realm points available for taking a keep. You will see an approximate maximum of 5,200 realm points for a level 10 keep with 2 level 10 doors. We changed it so that now up to 16 players get the full reward. With more players you will see a bit scaling down as the effort for more players to take keeps gets less. We also lessened this scaling beyond 16 players so you should see more RP in general for keep takes.

XP Changes – Group XP Caps

Following our lengthy discussion and also inspiration from our community Uthgard will be introducing some changes to our EXP system. The primary point of this discussion was to support players who wish to build groups and thus for them to see an additional benefit or bonus to grouping up and playing together as a community.

Uthgard will be adding a bonus to the experience cap in groups. Every player in a group enables a +5% cap increase to experience for all members of the group. That means your experience cap will be pushed up by +40% in a full group. Since all other bonuses beside the group bonus are on top of the capped experience they heavily depend on the cap. Since the group bonus (think BAF, social mobs) is used before the cap you should be targetting mobs that bring in significant group bonuses (+20% for each mob you face) so that you can use the cap bonus to its fullest.

Bonus to experience cap will be as follows:

2 players +10% bonus
3 players +15% bonus
4 players +20% bonus
5 players +25% bonus
6 players +30% bonus
7 players +35% bonus
8 players +40% bonus

There’s an important limitation you should know: Only players inside the experience clamp of a group can benefit from the bonus. You notice that clamp if you get the same XP as the highest level player (provided you didn’t cap already). As an example a level 41 player grouped with level 50 will benefit from the cap bonus. A level 40 player grouped with level 50 does not get the bonus. As rule of thumb the player should be not lower than -20% of the highest level player in the group. The clamp is calculated by a complicated formula and its wider in lower levels so it isn’t really a fixed percentage but you get the idea.

When you get experience beyond the cap you will see it in the experience gain message. Here is an example of a FG:

You receive 8,996,782 experience for adventuring in this area!
You receive 98,964,602 experience! (20,761,804 camp bonus) (23,991,418 over cap)

Darkness Falls access

We decided that Darkness Falls will now remain open for 15 minutes after your realm loses control of the majority of keeps.

World Changes

Please be aware of the following recent world changes:

  1. Beliathan once again spawns.
  2. Battleground mobs will now drop randomly generated objects. Each BG has a ‘boss’ type mob that can drop additional randomly generated objects of higher stat value.
  3. Mobs in RvR Dungeons (Dodens Gruva, Marfach Caverns, Hall of the Corrupt, Summoners Hall) now drop more appropriate randomly generated items. Additional non-random items have been added as well!
  4. Players can now access a level 50 dummy mob outside the capital cities. These will help test your abilities.
  5. Battleground “Medal of Honor” quests have been updated for the new level ranges.

User Interface Improvements

Players will be able to see their endurance and group mates endurance in the group and minigroup windows.

We are continuing to work on enhancements and look forward to bringing them to you! Until then see you on the battlefield!

Your Uthgard Staff

Uthgard 2.0: battleground changes


Dear players,

Based on player feedback we want to announce changes intended to increase play options and enjoyment of all on Uthgard. Our vision remains to provide an authentic Dark Age of Camelot experience to players new and old and we are making tweaks that will allow us to deliver our vision while providing an engaging play experience to our players. We remain committed to our vision and will continue to make changes on an as-needed basis. This is part one of two patches we have planned for now.

Changes to Battlegrounds

It was evident amongst players that the battlegrounds are seen as an important feature and experience whilst playing Uthgard in the past. Many players have the perception that leveling up was faster on Uthgard 1 than what they experience now. One reason for that often was that players used BG’s to break up time spent leveling, or use the bonus from owning the BG keep. The XP formulas we use are alot more forgiving than on Uthgard 1 and even allow powerleveling by now and still the perception is there.

As you might know player kills give 500% XP compared to PvE kills. That helped to level up and reach the XP cap of a BG. Players who used BG’s had an alternative route to level up instead of doing pure PvE. We want to help you with that again.

Therefore we will be introducing the following changes to Uthgards battleground setting:

20-26 R1L5 Abermenai
27-34 R2L0 Thidranki
35-41 R2L6 Murdaigean
42-47 R3L3 Caledonia

The XP reward for a player kill will be increased to 1000%.

You can reach level 48 without being forced to PvE all the time and can have some action in one of our BG’s. You can play as long in BG’s until you reach the RR cap of R3L3 or exceed level 47.

Note: We are working on re-vamping the PvE mobs for charming and hunting in the BGs. They should be available for the weekend but they will not immediately be available.

Money for RvR kills

In addition to the Battleground setup change we will introduce a gold reward for RvR kills. The amount of gold will depend on your targets level and will be split evenly the same way as XP is split to all who attacked the target. This income applies to all player kills, so Battlegrounds, Frontiers, RvR Dungeons and Darkness Falls are all included!

Guard respawn

Quite some of you made us aware that the guard respawn in keeps was getting out of hand. We adjusted the algorithm responsible for it. The outcome will be monitored and further adjustments will be made if necessary.

Crafting keeps speed bonus

We believe players should be rewarded for choosing to craft in more dangerous areas. We already implemented a bonus which was only announced in the changelog. We are increasing that from 10% to a +25% craft speed bonus. If you try to craft your MP part or just level up your crafting this can be a big time-saver for you.

The bonus is active for crafting inside of: Dun Crauchon, Caer Benowyc & Bledmeer Faste.

House rent warnings

Another change you might have noticed are the new (intentionally annoying) warning messages when rent is due in the next 24h and the lockbox does not have enough money to pay it. Your Consignment Merchant will still pay the rent – that was not changed. We have added this message to help safeguard against situations where players or guilds have lost their houses due to not having enough money to pay rent.

Following situation led to a problem:
1. The consignment merchant has enough money to pay the rent, which is due in the next several hours
2. No warning is given as the CM has enough to pay rent
3. A player withdraws money from the CM
4. Rent is due
5. Not enough money in CM to pay rent => house gets repossessed

In a later patch we will remove that warning and implement a different system. There will be a small grace period after repossession.

Unique Object Changes and other World Improvements

Our GMs are consistently improving our world. In the coming days and weeks you may notice some camps look a little different. One example of this is Dodens Gruva, where large clumps of monsters have been “thinned”. Do not be alarmed — although there are fewer monsters, they should respawn faster thus providing MORE mobs than before and a better hunting experience if you want to go XP there, rather than waiting for respawns.

Additionally, we recently fixed a bug that limited the maximum possible stats for items for monsters over level 50. What this means is that you can now see items with higher maximum stats. This applies to all newly created objects labeled “Unique Object”.

Finally, our GMs are working on itemizing camps in the frontier zones (and BGs!) with more appropriate ROG options — that is to say, human type mobs may drop weapons, specifically. This will give you a better sense of where you can hunt for a specific type of object in some cases. The last change to mention is that along with these changes the drop rate for unique objects should see an improvement of at least 5% for regular mobs and for named mobs, depending on their difficulty, much more.

Wish you the best,
Your Uthgard staff

Uthgard 2.0: RvR changes and /lfg channel

New changes to Uthgard freeshard!

  1. Brand new LFG channel
  2. Realm Points for Keeps
  3. RvR Kill messages
  4. High level crafting materials in the capital cities
  5. Realm Keep Porters

See all details below or in the forum thread:


Brand new LFG channel

Some of you may have noticed that we have introduced a new LFG channel to the server and we have seen some very positive feedback on the feature with players seemingly able to find groups easier. There were complaints in the past that finding groups is a problem so our hopes are that this is the right tool to help you to get into groups or build up groups more easily.

Players can use (example): /lfg Level 50 BM for RvR / 24 Mentalist Exp – this message will be relayed to the LFG channel.

That message is by default visible to all players in +-10 levels range. However, players may adjust this by using the following commands:

/lfg see50 – Allows players to see LFG messages from level 50 characters.
/lfg seeall – Allows players to see LFG messages from players of all level ranges.

The command has a seven-minute cooldown to lower continuous spam.

An important thing to note: Only messages to build or find groups are allowed in the LFG channel! If /lfg is misused we will remove the ability from your account. Do not use the channel to spread RvR information. Players may use the feature however in the context of ‘Group looking for Healer for RVR’ for example.

If your LFG privilege has already been revoked due to misuse, it will be restored. Players must remember that we will continue to heavily moderate any misuse of the LFG channel.


Realm Points for Keeps

You will be able to obtain realm points for taking keeps! In order for players to get realm points the lord of the keep must successfully be killed. The amount of realm points gained comes from a variety of different factors, for example:

Each destroyed door while raiding the keep will add RP’s depending on door level to a pool. That pool will be given out in addition to the lord kill. Players will not only be rewarded for killing the lord but also the effort that was required for the siege. The RP’s will depend on keep difficulty and level in general.

Be on the lookout for this in the near future.


RvR Kill messages

We reconsidered how kill messages are spread in RvR zones on Uthgard. You will be able to globally see RvR kill messages with locations. Globally means OF zones and partly zones that are neighbors of OF zones if the kill location was near the non OF zone.

Frontiers bonus EXP

We have introduced further EXP bonuses to the frontier zones and have tied them in to our current EXP bonus system around keeps:

    • Players will automatically receive:
    • 1) Static +10% XP zone bonus in the frontiers
    • 2) +20% XP bonus for exping around a keep owned by your realm (a total of +32%)
    • 3) +40% XP bonus for exping around a keep owned by your guild (a total of +54%).
    • There is a twist to the +40% guild bonus. Players who are in a group where the leader is from the guild who owns the keep will also benefit from the extra +40% bonus.
    • Same rules apply to Battlegrounds.

High level crafting materials in the capital cities

Players will once again have access to high level crafting merchants in the capital cities.


Realm Keep Porters

The portal ceremony timer will be reduced depending on how many of your realm mates are out in Frontier zones. This should especially help our NA community to keep RvR activity up in lower populated times.

We hope you like our changes. Some are already available others will be available shortly. We have more to come where details have to be worked out first. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Your Uthgard Staff.

Uthgard 2.0: Easter EXP event and permanent exp bonus in BGs

Full detail can be found in the original post:


Battleground EXP bonuses

We have decided to introduce exp bonuses to the battlegrounds to match those that are seen in the RVR zone. Players will now gain 10% exp bonus if their realm holds the central keep and 20% if your guild holds the central keep of the respective battleground. Some of the mob camps have been improved in the battlegrounds to provide players with a further incentive to head to the battlegrounds whilst levelling! We look forward seeing more of you competing in the battlegrounds for these exp bonuses.

Easter EXP event

For the Easter break Uthgard Staff will be offering you an EXP event. There will be a global +20% XP bonus across all zones for the duration of the event.

In Summoners Hall there will be an exception as you will see a special +50% XP bonus there offered for those who are more daring with their levelling locations!

The event is held from 14. April 20:00 CEST until 18. April 06:00 CEST

Wishing you all a happy Easter.

Your Uthgard Staff.