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Uthgard 2.0 bestiary, item database and droprate statistics

A bestiary of monsters and items database for the Dark Age of Camelot freeshard Uthgard, made entirely from automatically trawling through your chat-log's.

It is highly recommended to use the level range search to find items and monsters around your level.

Data collected since: January 6th 2017 and Database last updated: February 17, 2024 (1684.6 MB chat.log's processed)


1052Total unique indexed monsters
2593Total unique indexed items


1095Total unique indexed monsters
2667Total unique indexed items


1083Total unique indexed monsters
1893Total unique indexed items
MobsItemsDroprateZone (normal or SI)
Normal zones
66849%Avalon Marsh (normal)
46367%Black Mountains North (normal)
84247%Black Mountains South (normal)
1055010%Camelot Hills (normal)
98465%Campacorentines Forest (normal)
4612212%Cornwall (normal)
5342828%Dartmoor (normal)
498412%Llyn Barfog (normal)
5920110%Lyonesse (normal)
7813814%Salisbury Plains (normal)
Dungeon zones
42649%Catacombs of Cardova (normal)
157115%Keltoi Fogou (normal)
6119611%Stonehenge Barrows (normal)
33407%Tepoks Mine (normal)
436312%Tomb of Mithra (normal)
RvR zones
3526314%Forest Sauvage (normal)
20478%Hadrians Wall (normal)
7132312%Pennine Mountains (normal)
4831314%Snowdonia (normal)


MobsItemsDroprateZone (normal or SI)
25271%Abermenai (bg)
11815%Caledonia (bg)
700%Hills of Claret (bg)
236418%Murdaigean (bg)
2110518%Thidranki (bg)
MobsItemsDroprateZone (normal or SI)
Normal zones
621579%Bog of Cullen (normal)
485010%Cliffs of Moher (normal)
799811%Connacht (normal)
353710%Cursed Forest (normal)
928811%Lough Derg (normal)
961728%Lough Gur (normal)
69386%Shannon Estuary (normal)
3812921%Sheeroe Hills (normal)
60557%Silvermine Mountains (normal)
46487%Valley of Bri Leith (normal)
Dungeon zones
4515611%Coruscating Mine (normal)
236310%Koalinth Tribal Caverns (normal)
238110%Muire Tomb (normal)
166910%Spraggon Den (normal)
277211%Treibh Caillte (normal)
RvR zones
8922310%Breifine (normal)
9563312%Cruachan Gorge (normal)
5715912%Emain Macha (normal)
9533910%Mount Collory (normal)

RvR dungeons

MobsItemsDroprateZone (normal or SI)
RvR dungeons
1827088%Darkness Falls (normal)
1716012%Dodens Gruva (normal)
1924222%Hall of the Corrupt (normal)
21378%Marfach Caverns (normal)
3513413%Summoners Hall (normal)
MobsItemsDroprateZone (normal or SI)
Normal zones
79337%Gotar (normal)
3913819%Malmohus (normal)
648312%Muspelheim (normal)
105607%Myrkwood Forest (normal)
493810%Raumarik (normal)
737312%Skona Ravine (normal)
70649%Svealand East (normal)
70566%Svealand West (normal)
63499%Vale of Mularn (normal)
579910%Vanern Swamp (normal)
Dungeon zones
266610%Cursed Tomb (normal)
338010%Nisses Lair (normal)
4114711%Spindelhalla (normal)
356512%Varulvhamn (normal)
15438%Vendo Caverns (normal)
RvR zones
5519215%Jamtland Mountains (normal)
405910%Odins Gate (normal)
773908%Uppland (normal)
921587%Yggdra Forest (normal)

Database statistics

Unique monsters3591
Unique items8000
Total monster kills377177
Total item drops58977
Total monster locations24458
Number of chat.log's2395
Number of submitters110