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Remains (Alb)

LevelRemains name
6Throatripper's Remains
11Sergeant Cosworth's Remains
11Sir Gerenth's Remains
12Cronker's Remains
13King Smugluk's Head
13Veviel's Remains
13Jari's Remains
17Kalnraw's Remains
23Oldest's Remains
36Fire Ant Frendrat's Remains
37Sladug's Remains
46Albino Grugner's Remains
47Windchaser Naihera's Remains
48High Priestess Ywera's Remains
64Golestandt's Remains
65Green Knight's Remains
73Moran the Mighty's Remains

Remains (Hib)

LevelRemains name
11Morty's Remains
15Bertha's Remains
16Red's Remains
21Geirshnae's Remains
23Hondrund's Remains
24Cubby's Remains
26Scar-Nose's Remains
33Dodger's Remains
34Gualach's Remains
38Faewren's Remains
44Coirmirceoir's Remains
49Irusan's Remains
65Evern's Remains

Remains (Mid)

LevelRemains name
7Snarls' Remains
10Hrrgyf's Remains
12Queen Major's Remains
22Sentry Incin's Remains
25Stripe's Remains
34Zrit-Zrit's remains