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How to record a chat.log in Dark Age of Camelot

Standard keyboard shortcut to start a chat.log recording in DAoC is CTRL+L.
Recording is started and stopped by pushing CTRL+L, or stops automatically when you log out of the game.

How to make a chat.log that can be used in this bestiary

- You must only log from a single zone, there must not be kills from different zones!
- You must be as close to the monster getting killed as possible, the kill message of the monster is important together with the exp line.
- Keep a distance to other groups to avoid their kills/loot drop getting in your log with a exp line.
- You must know how many players are in your group while logging, or know a average number if group size varied a little. Only 1-2 in vary is allowed.
- You must not be the lowest level in a group and only get capped experience from high level monsters / power level, this ruins monster level detection.
-- Please make sure to delve information for all dropped items. This is done by right-clicking item in inventory and then pressing SHIFT+I or click "Info"
-- Please include selling /appraisal of the dropped sell loot, gear and items in the logfile
-- Please include salvage of the dropped gear in the logfile

How to submit a chat.log to be included in this bestiary

Locate the chat.log file at C:\Users\''you username''\Documents\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\chat.log
Send your chat.log file to chatlog@disorder.dk
- Rename the "chat.log" file to number of players followed by zone name, f.ex. "8connacht.log".
Please structure the email like this:
Name: your username to be shown in contributions list, no name and it will be "Anonymous"
Link: a link to your website/youtube/whatever you want a link to
Realm: which realm is the chat.log from?
Zone: which zone is the chat.log from?
Group size/solo: are you solo? could be a known group size for the whole time or a average of the group size over time

Information security

All chat.log files will be tested, filtered and parsed properly before entering the database, it is not possible to inject malicious code.
All text from any chat (say/broad/group/guild/alliance/any chat) is deleted as the first thing and will never be saved in the database.

Data collection statistics

These tables can be used to get an idea of which zones or monsters to hunt, in order to gain enough data for statistics that gives a true
representation of how the monsters, drops and salvages work on the server.

Least explored zone (Alb)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
1Hadrians Wall919
2Tepoks Mine1653
3Tomb of Mithra1715
4Black Mountains North2218
5Campacorentines Forest2268
6Keltoi Fogou2287
7Black Mountains South2434
8Avalon Marsh3629
9Camelot Hills4048
10Catacombs of Cardova4328
11Forest Sauvage4998
13Pennine Mountains5403
14Salisbury Plains6257
16Llyn Barfog11476
19Stonehenge Barrows19267

Least explored zone (Hib)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
1Shannon Estuary2133
2Emain Macha2562
3Valley of Bri Leith3295
4Koalinth Tribal Caverns3332
5Silvermine Mountains3478
8Coruscating Mine5017
9Muire Tomb5364
10Treibh Caillte5705
11Spraggon Den6108
12Mount Collory6393
13Lough Derg7284
14Sheeroe Hills7353
15Bog of Cullen7906
16Lough Gur8314
17Cursed Forest9730
18Cliffs of Moher10812
19Cruachan Gorge11319

Least explored zone (Mid)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
1Odins Gate977
3Vendo Caverns2544
4Jamtland Mountains2616
5Vale of Mularn2958
6Cursed Tomb3258
8Yggdra Forest3347
9Svealand East3442
10Svealand West3961
11Nisses Lair4142
12Skona Ravine5409
16Myrkwood Forest8166
18Vanern Swamp8930

Missing item information (Alb)

RankItem name
1Goblin Goldminer Boots
2Goblinskin Leggings
3Aged Mithrian Cloth Gloves
4Luminous Lifeblinder
5Shining Hunter's Sleeves
6Footman's Chain Legs
7Danaoin Nightwatcher Boots
8Protector of the Stone Lords
9Goblin Excavator's Flute
10Fire Imbued Gloves
11Ruby Dusted Robe
12Old Quarterstaff
13Chain Gloves of Disparity
14Jet Bone Shield
15Flute of Dementia
16Fine Asterite Round Shield
17Shimmering Ircon Bound Chain Coif
18Icebender belt
19Runic Hardend Leather Crown
20Worn Asterite Mattock
21Feather Magmas Imbued Helm
22Feather Boots of Opposition
23Crushed Helm
24Aqueous Coral Studded Helm
25Mithril Chain Boots
26Wind Imbued Cap
27shimmering Granite Seer's Vest of the Body
28Mithril Chain Sleeves
29Cailiondar Gauntlets
30Ircon Bound Chain Hauberk
31Robe of Stone Speaking
32Coif of Dissolution
33Runic Ravenbone Boots
34Rune Inscribed Slippers
35Shimmering Granite Sheers Vest of Body
36Granite Seer's Gloves of the Spirit
37Cold Imbued Sleeves
38Bloodied Leggings
39Sturdy Crushed Breastplate
40Holy Crushed Gauntlets
41Fire Imbued Cap
42Lava Imbued Vest
43Ircon Bound Chain Legs
44Dark Crystal Mattock
45Granite Seer's Pants
46Robe of Eternal Wind
47Verdant Ornate Shield
48Matter Imbued Boots
49Ilmenite Laced Chain Leggings
50Sturdy Crushed Gauntlets

Missing item information (Hib)

RankItem name
1Brimstone Ring
2Watery Shell Flecked Leggings
3Shaped Watery Staff
4Shimmering Reinforced Truemail Boots
5Leth-bhreac Mace
6Shimmering Iridescent Sylph Hauberk
7Warshade Protector
8Dealrach Corcra Sleeves
9Shimmering Unseelie Loyalist Pants
10Seolc Cap of Mentalism
11Pendant of the Nightblade Overseer
12Gossamer Seolc Robe
13Shagreen Fighter's Coif
14Lustrous Thrall's Ruined Coif
15Manifested Terror Vest
16Old Silk Sleeves
17Old Silk Pants
18Old Silk Cap
19Mystical Moonglade Sleeves
20Frigid Azure Crusher
21Gauntlets of the Veil
22Imperial Hammer of the Depths
23Glare's Trophy
24Hunting Spear
25Shagreen Leggings
26Ruby Weave Robes
27Ensorcelled Explorer Gloves
28Lucent Spirit Helm
29Moonstruck Mire Vest
30Glistening Stiletto
31Spider Keeper's Cap
32Ollipheist Eye
33Vindicator's Staff of Mana
34Lustrous Heavy Great Sword
35Semi-ethereal Robe
36Dealrach Liathghorm Sleeves
37Dealrach Gorm Sleeves
38Potent Gem of the Sky
39Shimmering Silverhand Truemail Boots
40Siabrian Footpad's Head
41Manifested Terror Boots
42Staff of the Arch-Mentalist
43Glistening Spiked Club
44Obsidian Tower Shield
45Ghostly Truesilver Gloves
46Watery Shell Flecked Boots
47Damp Shell Flecked Boots
48Flawed Void Walkers Staff
49Gem Flecked Ring
50Reinforced Truemail Gauntlets

Missing item information (Mid)

RankItem name
1Ash Stained Jerkin
2Thickened Cloth Pants
3Noble Supple Gauntlets
4Tomte Leather Leggings
5Tomte Chain Hauberk
6Shimmering Snow Crystal Sleeves
7Bright Brittle-Bone Tower Shield
8Retainer's Ceremonial Ring
9Braided Silksteel Jerkin
10Keen Asterite Axe
11Woven Silksteel Gloves
12Dull Asterite Great Sword
13Tomte Large Shield
14Timorous Drakulv Ebon Boots
15Latticed Shadow Gauntlets
16Webbed Shadow Jerkin
17Keen Asterite Large Axe
18Shimmering Twilight-mail Sleeves
19Crafted Darksteel Composite Bow
20Poorly Woven Garb
21Soulbinder's Legs
22Golden Alloy Great Bow
23Webbed Shadow Boots
24Webbed Shadow Gloves
25Braided Silksteel Helm
26Ringed Darksteel Sleeves
27Cursed Mora Ring
28Mora Staff of Bonedancing
29Haggert's Shroud of Death
30Tomte Chain Coif
31Bright Brittle-Bone Trident
32Celestial Stormcaller
33Leggings of True Purpose
34Jotun Black Orm Sleeves
35Ringed Darksteel Hauberk
36Sturdy Cloak
37Wolf Fur Leggings
38Leaf-Embossed Sleeves
39Shimmering Twilight-mail Hauberk
40Timorous Drakulv Ebon Jerkin
41Wulfen Mystic Pendant
42Wulfen Blight Claw
43Shimmering Timorous Drakulv Ebon Sleeves
44Drakulv Militia Great Hammer
45Wulfen Crescent Crown
46Twilight Soul Searer
47Shimmering Golden Alloy Bastard Sword
48Dragon Etched Bracer

Least explored zone (shared)

RankZone nameMonsters killed
1Hills of Claret56
3Marfach Caverns736
6Summoners Hall1388
7Dodens Gruva2084
9Hall of the Corrupt2845
10Darkness Falls18752

Monster location progress

RankZone nameLocations in databaseProgress
1Avalon Marsh1794100%
2Lough Gur1433100%
3Campacorentines Forest1404100%
4Camelot Hills1198100%
5Lough Derg1194100%
7Myrkwood Forest1143100%
8Vale of Mularn1071100%
9Salisbury Plains1048100%
10Svealand East1030100%
13Silvermine Mountains841100%
14Llyn Barfog770100%
15Shannon Estuary747100%
16Black Mountains South699100%
19Cliffs of Moher537100%
20Svealand West468100%
21Skona Ravine464100%
22Emain Macha463100%
23Valley of Bri Leith391100%
25Black Mountains North344100%
26Hadrians Wall227100%
27Cruachan Gorge21525%
28Cursed Forest20525%
29Forest Sauvage17533%
30Pennine Mountains615%
33Yggdra Forest111%
34Bog of Cullen51%