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Zone: Cliffs of Moher

A total of 10812 monsters were killed here in Cliffs of Moher and that resulted in a total of 1075 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.94%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Aessa3435friendly70not enough data0 %52s 85c
Aoife3939aggressive80not enough data0 %5s
aughisky3233aggressive690weak enemy0 %
Brarn3940aggressive140not enough data0 %27s 50c
bantam spectre1616aggressive20not enough data0 %
bocan1616aggressive40not enough data0 %3s 48c
breaker roane companion4141neutral20not enough data0 %
Coirmirceoir4446aggressive351weak enemy8.57 %50c
cliff beetle3335aggressive1341weak enemy0 %35s 95c
cliff dweller3538aggressive120728weak enemy20.22 %1g 50s 73c
cliff dweller hunter3638aggressive2766weak enemy18.12 %1g 64s 24c
cliff dweller spearman3840aggressive2609weak enemy12.31 %52s 7c
cliff hanger3637neutral452easy prey0 %47s 78c
cronsidhe4141aggressive80not enough data0 %
fanged sinach4243aggressive331weak enemy0 %78s 93c
fetch1616aggressive161not enough data6.25 %69s 76c
fetch abductor1213aggressive260weak enemy0 %
fog phantom2123aggressive300weak enemy3.33 %6s 25c
fog wraith2830aggressive3062weak enemy7.19 %1g 14s 19c
fury sprite1616aggressive50not enough data0 %3s 21c
Gala2020aggressive100not enough data0 %3s 23c
Gale1717neutral10not enough data0 %1s 80c
Geirshnae2121aggressive81not enough data25 %
Grey Man3030aggressive120not enough data0 %22s 29c
gale1717neutral372easy prey13.51 %33s 18c
ghoulie2222aggressive10not enough data0 %9s 3c
giant beetle2121aggressive355equal opponent0 %12s 39c
grass sheerie1414aggressive10not enough data0 %2s
greater zephyr3131aggressive1370weak enemy9.49 %97s 1c
grovewood3941aggressive955easy prey4.21 %40c
hillock changeling3738aggressive20not enough data0 %
juvenile megafelid3740neutral40not enough data0 %
Koalinth Defender282810not enough data0 %
koalinth sentinel1919aggressive410weak enemy7.32 %1s 1c
koalinth slinker3536aggressive530111weak enemy9.9 %6g 29s 57c
mist wraith2728aggressive2438weak enemy10.29 %1g 71s 4c
moheran beast2020aggressive310weak enemy0 %
moheran distorter1920aggressive2706weak enemy8.52 %15s 64c
phaeghoul3637aggressive7664weak enemy9.53 %12s 76c
rock sheerie1920aggressive15714easy prey10.83 %5s 44c
Scaird3838neutral271weak enemy0 %47s 13c
sheerie urdsummoner2526aggressive270weak enemy0 %
siog seeker3232aggressive10not enough data0 %7s 50c
summoned urdrock2526neutral1224weak enemy0 %
tidal sheerie3536friendly3534weak enemy9.07 %1g 62s 16c
vehement guardian4141aggressive48021easy prey0 %
vindictive bocan2121aggressive20not enough data0 %12s 22c
wrath sprite2828aggressive621weak enemy0 %18s 74c
zephyr wraith3031aggressive982weak enemy0 %8s 87c
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