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Zone: Snowdonia

A total of 5334 monsters were killed here in Snowdonia and that resulted in a total of 734 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 13.76%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Arawnite headhunter3739aggressive460weak enemy6.52 %50s 82c
angry bwca4149aggressive330weak enemy6.06 %1g 90s 15c
arawnite headhunter3536aggressive770weak enemy5.19 %9s 68c
arawnite shamaness3536aggressive3140weak enemy16.24 %6g 37s 45c
arawnite warrior3537aggressive2270weak enemy19.82 %5g 22s 52c
Blacktooth4949aggressive20not enough data0 %37s 50c
bwca2628neutral150not enough data13.33 %39s 98c
Cath Paluc4949aggressive40not enough data0 %1g 15s
Cheshire2727aggressive10not enough data0 %36s 40c
corpse-eating sow3739aggressive533easy prey9.43 %
cyclops4344aggressive2103weak enemy32.38 %1g 67s 24c
cyclops arcana4344aggressive511weak enemy9.8 %70s 24c
cyhraeth5051aggressive1182weak enemy20.34 %4g 12s 23c
Dathmul5052aggressive226bring a group31.82 %43s
Ellyll froglord515110not enough data0 %34s
Ellyll guard4950aggressive720weak enemy9.72 %7g 8s 34c
Ellyll windchaser4748friendly2602weak enemy8.85 %5g 4s 19c
Eye of Arawn4748aggressive300weak enemy26.67 %92s 80c
faerie frog3031aggressive53510weak enemy9.35 %56s 11c
faint grim2525neutral280weak enemy10.71 %2s 9c
fitful bwca3739aggressive300weak enemy3.33 %20s 92c
Grunge3738aggressive240easy prey4.17 %19s 79c
Gwyllgi3738aggressive170not enough data17.65 %
ghost wolf3538aggressive913weak enemy12.09 %36s 85c
giant boar3536aggressive1811weak enemy4.42 %84s 99c
giant lizard3738neutral230easy prey13.04 %43s 4c
hill scrag3940aggressive952weak enemy14.74 %2g 32s 61c
hollow man4345aggressive1895weak enemy18.52 %3g 81s
howling knifeman2730aggressive1042weak enemy8.65 %38s 14c
howling maiden2627aggressive1401weak enemy27.14 %1g 7s 85c
large rock bounder4748aggressive252easy prey16 %2g 36s 82c
Moontipper4949aggressive220easy prey0 %14s 55c
Nasher4041aggressive100not enough data20 %3g 55s 80c
Nogud the Smasher4243aggressive50not enough data0 %
ravenclan giant5253aggressive1031weak enemy12.62 %10g 85s 1c
Shaman Saelonna4848aggressive40not enough data0 %1g 9s 76c
Soulfear5050aggressive82not enough data12.5 %1g 25s
scorned bwca3535aggressive220easy prey0 %3s 65c
shadowhunter4143aggressive930weak enemy3.23 %66s 49c
shadowhunter she-wolf4445aggressive711weak enemy5.63 %1g 25s 57c
small rock bounder2425aggressive730weak enemy4.11 %28s 33c
snowdon grim3738aggressive1920weak enemy13.54 %51s 18c
sprawling arachnid3740aggressive156410weak enemy15.09 %4g 76s 55c
Tobias Warcry4242neutral220easy prey18.18 %
Twidgo3838aggressive90not enough data11.11 %10s
Tylwyth Teg huntress4748friendly502easy prey4 %31s 53c
Tylwyth Teg ranger4949friendly270weak enemy7.41 %11s 68c
Tylwyth Teg rover4344friendly300weak enemy6.67 %72s 56c
tylwyth teg huntress3939friendly20not enough data0 %
Worry Wort3636aggressive90not enough data11.11 %1g 61s 28c
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