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Zone: Lyonesse

A total of 17230 monsters were killed here in Lyonesse and that resulted in a total of 1730 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.04%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
angry bwca4445aggressive280weak enemy7.14 %6s 97c
arawnite headhunter3839aggressive490weak enemy0 %
arawnite shamaness3435aggressive740weak enemy6.76 %3g 26s 45c
arawnite warrior3536aggressive1790weak enemy10.06 %5g 72s 64c
archer4546aggressive1390weak enemy10.07 %1g 35s 68c
bean-nighe5354aggressive41910weak enemy10.98 %1g 71s 38c
Cailleach Uragaig6868aggressive10not enough data0 %
Colk4041aggressive340weak enemy0 %26s 85c
cailleach guard5960aggressive202not enough data10 %1g 11s 78c
clergyman3637aggressive560weak enemy16.07 %1g 52s 44c
cornwall drake4040aggressive10not enough data0 %
cyclops4041aggressive967easy prey8.33 %44s 74c
Danaoin clerk3437aggressive156174easy prey10.19 %1g 70s 92c
Danaoin commander5454aggressive22not enough data0 %45s 90c
Danaoin farmer4244aggressive50721easy prey9.66 %2g 85s 35c
Danaoin fisherman3839aggressive48319weak enemy8.9 %1g 98s 76c
Danaoin sailor4446aggressive181717weak enemy9.47 %3g 78s 77c
Danaoin soldier5354aggressive60115weak enemy10.15 %5g 84s 89c
Drenched Danaoin lieutenant5252aggressive10not enough data0 %
Drenched Danaoin soldier5252aggressive80not enough data0 %
danaoin commander5657aggressive840weak enemy7.14 %1g 25s
danaoin farmer4546aggressive9081Boss-like16.67 %3g 62s 63c
danaoin fisherman3840aggressive179090easy prey12.07 %1g 96s 33c
danaoin priest4545aggressive30not enough data0 %
danaoin soldier5456aggressive48747easy prey8.83 %2g 54s 70c
dunter3032aggressive135524weak enemy13.43 %1g 46s 91c
Fire Ant Frendrat3636neutral30not enough data33.33 %
fallen executioner4549aggressive395equal opponent0 %
farmer3233neutral2363weak enemy7.63 %89s 34c
fitful bwca3536aggressive310weak enemy0 %12s 37c
footman4545aggressive490weak enemy0 %10s 4c
Grymkin5151aggressive60not enough data66.67 %
Guardsman4546aggressive2862weak enemy9.09 %2g 81s 24c
gabriel hound4142aggressive1285weak enemy14.06 %
giant lizard3838neutral2426weak enemy2.48 %49s 9c
greater telamon5555aggressive821weak enemy8.54 %
guardsman4646aggressive1010not enough data0 %
hamadryad3536aggressive32121easy prey5.61 %1g 7s 91c
hollow man4041aggressive11313equal opponent8.85 %1g 82s 10c
knight4849aggressive970weak enemy0 %
lesser telamon4546aggressive45264equal opponent9.96 %1g 13s 77c
Madoc Kynith4647aggressive531weak enemy9.43 %2g 72s 50c
medial telamon4850friendly3063weak enemy9.8 %
moorlich4748aggressive61814weak enemy11 %4g 67s 42c
Priest of Arawn4649aggressive1519easy prey7.95 %
peallaidh3740aggressive123176easy prey15.27 %2g 28s 48c
pikeman4546aggressive98913weak enemy10.82 %3g 31s 94c
pygmy goblin4244aggressive949956Boss-like5.69 %1g 40s 21c
pygmy goblin bombardier4143aggressive1122weak enemy0 %
pygmy goblin tangler4747aggressive10not enough data0 %
Silcharde5858aggressive10not enough data0 %
Sister Blythe6868aggressive11not enough data0 %
Sladug3737aggressive470weak enemy14.89 %48s 51c
scorned bwca3435aggressive320weak enemy0 %4s 19c
shepherd3435aggressive2668weak enemy0 %8s 29c
spike imp3738160not enough data0 %
townsman3031aggressive3548weak enemy11.86 %1g 6s 58c
witherwoode5659aggressive1014weak enemy13.86 %
woodeworm5556aggressive220easy prey0 %
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