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Zone: Coruscating Mine

A total of 5017 monsters were killed here in Coruscating Mine and that resulted in a total of 547 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.9%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Allyn3737aggressive200not enough data0 %
Atur4747aggressive80not enough data0 %24s 11c
abysmal4648aggressive5870weak enemy10.9 %3g 49s 67c
casolith444410not enough data0 %38s 59c
coerced groover4245neutral25739hard opponent13.62 %2g 60s 49c
collared gemgetter3740neutral47514weak enemy11.58 %1g 97s 8c
Duga4243aggressive343easy prey0 %6s 31c
enthralled silvier3738aggressive1690weak enemy12.43 %1g 64s 29c
Frat3839aggressive457hard opponent4.44 %1g 9s 92c
Frit3737aggressive489hard opponent16.67 %2g 41s 59c
Grey Man3434aggressive10not enough data0 %32s 50c
Guardian of the Silver Hand4546aggressive21not enough data0 %
geas-bound hewer3841aggressive36310weak enemy12.4 %2g 53s 80c
gem-dusted skeleton3638aggressive1098easy prey10.09 %1g 13s 2c
gemclicker3538neutral32012weak enemy11.88 %8g 80s 92c
gemclicker horder3940neutral844easy prey3.57 %2g 77s 34c
glow worm3638neutral361weak enemy13.89 %3g 14s 47c
haunting draft484820not enough data0 %
Lobigan4545aggressive300weak enemy20 %4g 50s 34c
larval predator3637aggressive527equal opponent0 %
lode protector4245aggressive12920hard opponent10.08 %2g 23s 17c
lode runner4646aggressive151not enough data13.33 %1g 67s 29c
Overman Regnal4646aggressive10not enough data0 %
Overseer of the Silver Hand4949aggressive20not enough data0 %
phantom miner4445aggressive12116equal opponent6.61 %1g 45s 30c
rockbiter3738neutral331weak enemy15.15 %5s 63c
Scratch3940aggressive270weak enemy3.7 %4s 81c
shaft rat3940aggressive346hard opponent14.71 %1g 64s 38c
silver-flecked skeleton4646aggressive20not enough data0 %7g 50s
silver-maddened werewolf4344aggressive636easy prey7.94 %1g 6s 83c
silvermine guard4145aggressive19012easy prey7.89 %1g 35s 52c
silvermine knocker3737aggressive655easy prey9.23 %2g 68c
silvermine sentry3440aggressive75167easy prey11.85 %1g 25s 74c
trammer3436neutral422easy prey14.29 %87s 18c
troglodyte4143aggressive1324weak enemy10.61 %89s 74c
tunnel imp3840aggressive702weak enemy8.57 %1g 73s 54c
Underviewer Treeal4243aggressive414easy prey0 %
undead drudger3739aggressive2260weak enemy12.83 %1g 68s 95c
unseelie mango3741aggressive1120weak enemy13.39 %3g 8s 94c
unseelie overman4545neutral30not enough data0 %1g 17s 42c
unseelie underviewer4043aggressive1080weak enemy11.11 %11s 21c
unseelie viewer5050neutral10not enough data0 %
Viewer Etol5151neutral10not enough data0 %
vein golem4647neutral665easy prey15.15 %5g 45s 97c
weewere4546aggressive13930hard opponent9.35 %2g 47s
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