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Zone: Silvermine Mountains

A total of 3478 monsters were killed here in Silvermine Mountains and that resulted in a total of 250 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 7.19%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
annoying lucradan01aggressive1450weak enemy4.83 %11c
Boss1112aggressive50not enough data0 %25c
badger cub01neutral352easy prey0 %20c
bodachan sabhaill35neutral7212hard opponent13.89 %34c
Chieftain Dergal1717aggressive60not enough data0 %1s 34c
Crag2020neutral240easy prey0 %4s 26c
cluricaun trip88neutral61not enough data0 %47c
Druid2223aggressive620weak enemy0 %7s 35c
deamhan aeir3536aggressive20510easy prey10.73 %1g 57s 96c
deamhan creig1818neutral1430weak enemy13.99 %3s 42c
dew sheerie1717aggressive1483weak enemy9.46 %28s 3c
eirebug55neutral140not enough data0 %34c
enchanted luricaduane88aggressive190not enough data5.26 %34c
enchanted spraggonoll88aggressive570weak enemy8.77 %6c
feccan23neutral1224weak enemy10.66 %22c
feckless lucragan55aggressive537equal opponent9.43 %28c
fishing bear2122neutral470weak enemy12.77 %5s 75c
Glom3434neutral20not enough data0 %
Guardian2828neutral80not enough data0 %
gray spectre2223aggressive712weak enemy7.04 %4s 39c
Hazard910aggressive140not enough data14.29 %3s 24c
Hondrund2323aggressive170not enough data5.88 %9s 91c
hill hound1920neutral420weak enemy0 %10s 12c
hill toad66neutral310weak enemy0 %1s 1c
large eirebug1010neutral121not enough data0 %2s 2c
large frog01neutral230easy prey0 %36c
large hill toad1717neutral271weak enemy0 %5s 29c
luricaduane78aggressive11228bring a group7.14 %1s 53c
Miner Cucugar1515neutral60not enough data0 %
mudman44neutral597equal opponent11.86 %32c
Nock1616friendly40not enough data0 %
Pebble2526neutral260weak enemy7.69 %2s 78c
rat boy44aggressive140not enough data7.14 %19c
rock clipper2122neutral370weak enemy0 %8s 20c
rock sheerie1920aggressive280weak enemy3.57 %5s 75c
rowdy67aggressive615easy prey0 %10c
Sapper55aggressive93not enough data0 %
Scar-nose2627aggressive170not enough data5.88 %5s 98c
Scuttle1414aggressive30not enough data0 %4s 19c
Stinky1717neutral20not enough data0 %
sheevra archer1516aggressive520weak enemy17.31 %1s 45c
sheevra chieftain1616aggressive140not enough data7.14 %1s 97c
sheevra miner1415aggressive1831weak enemy12.57 %9s 61c
sheevra skirmisher1414aggressive642weak enemy0 %35c
sheevra swordsman1314friendly540weak enemy0 %3s 19c
silvermine badger2223aggressive1511weak enemy6.62 %25s 13c
skeletal minion44neutral322easy prey9.38 %47c
skeletal pawn33neutral1033weak enemy10.68 %25c
small walking rock44neutral479hard opponent0 %
spraggon45neutral15525hard opponent4.52 %30c
spraggonale2223aggressive1362weak enemy1.47 %1s 60c
spraggonite78aggressive491weak enemy0 %37c
spraggonoll88aggressive1744weak enemy7.47 %60c
stone sheerie2021aggressive390weak enemy12.82 %2s 5c
villainous youth55aggressive236bring a group0 %
walking rock2122neutral2910weak enemy11.34 %95s 56c
water beetle77neutral218bring a group0 %1s 39c
water beetle collector55neutral210easy prey0 %60c
water beetle larva12aggressive331weak enemy0 %9c
wild crouch77aggressive483easy prey4.17 %30c
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