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Zone: Campacorentines Forest

A total of 2268 monsters were killed here in Campacorentines Forest and that resulted in a total of 107 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 4.72%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Aonghas Prirerd1213aggressive20not enough data0 %
Arachneida1213aggressive90not enough data0 %
ant drone33neutral250easy prey0 %24c
ashen fellwood1820aggressive1050weak enemy7.62 %15s 80c
bandit77aggressive271weak enemy22.22 %44c
black lion3333aggressive10not enough data0 %
black lioness3232aggressive10not enough data0 %
bloated spider1111aggressive1101weak enemy0 %2s 32c
brownie11aggressive210easy prey14.29 %21c
brownie nomad99aggressive130not enough data15.38 %50c
brownie rover1313aggressive20not enough data0 %85c
Ciraron Webweaver1212aggressive70not enough data0 %
dappled lynx33neutral216bring a group0 %10c
dappled lynx cub11neutral212easy prey0 %13c
decayed zombie44aggressive211easy prey14.29 %24c
devout filidh99neutral132not enough data0 %88c
disturbed presence1415aggressive1383weak enemy11.59 %9s 24c
druid88aggressive70not enough data0 %5s 92c
druid sacrificer910neutral290weak enemy0 %3s 41c
druid seer1010aggressive10not enough data0 %
dryad88neutral20not enough data50 %15s 8c
dryad twig11neutral381weak enemy0 %7c
Elder Fellwood2324aggressive390weak enemy0 %
Elithralia Nodith1919neutral120not enough data0 %
ebony fellwood1415aggressive1150weak enemy0 %2s 94c
fading spirit89aggressive321weak enemy15.63 %2s 57c
faerie bell-wether66aggressive50not enough data0 %1s 16c
faerie wolf-crier55aggressive50not enough data0 %40c
filidh88neutral70not enough data0 %1s 37c
filidh sacrificer910neutral280weak enemy0 %87c
forest bear910aggressive273equal opponent0 %83c
forest bear cub44neutral213equal opponent0 %35c
forest lion77aggressive81not enough data0 %45c
Granddaddy Longlegs1617aggressive180not enough data0 %4s 50c
Green Witch1516aggressive111not enough data0 %
Grizzletooth2425aggressive170not enough data0 %
Growler1212neutral20not enough data0 %
ghostly knight99neutral250easy prey20 %8s 30c
giant frog55neutral90not enough data0 %39c
giant spider77neutral20not enough data0 %1s 28c
gray wolf55neutral42not enough data0 %27c
gray wolf pup11neutral242easy prey0 %17c
heretical hermit2123aggressive180not enough data0 %
large bloated spider1415aggressive420weak enemy0 %4s 31c
large skeleton66aggressive303equal opponent13.33 %63c
mindless minion1011aggressive432easy prey13.95 %39c
moldy skeleton33aggressive280weak enemy21.43 %75c
Ormgarth77neutral30not enough data0 %
oak man910aggressive250easy prey0 %
oaken fellwood1921aggressive660weak enemy0 %2s 73c
Pixie Queen1618friendly71not enough data0 %
phantom page55aggressive70not enough data0 %58c
pixie88neutral10not enough data0 %36c
pixie imp01neutral1130weak enemy0 %10c
pixie scout99friendly60not enough data16.67 %6s 30c
poacher44aggressive100not enough data0 %23c
putrid zombie55aggressive40not enough data0 %21c
red lion55neutral100not enough data0 %7c
river drake hatchling44neutral150not enough data0 %34c
river drakeling55aggressive51not enough data0 %57c
river racer88neutral10not enough data0 %77c
river sprite77aggressive10not enough data0 %92c
river spriteling44aggressive60not enough data33.33 %20c
robber11aggressive220easy prey0 %30c
rot worm66neutral191not enough data0 %9c
rotting skeleton22neutral210easy prey0 %14c
rotting zombie66aggressive150not enough data13.33 %43c
scrawny red lion33neutral83not enough data0 %4c
skeleton22aggressive230easy prey8.7 %40c
small bear55neutral70not enough data0 %11c
small gray wolf44neutral41not enough data0 %27c
small snake11neutral100not enough data0 %13c
snake33neutral70not enough data0 %26c
spriggarn22aggressive491weak enemy8.16 %45c
spriggarn elder44aggressive112not enough data18.18 %43c
swamp rat55neutral81not enough data0 %37c
swamp slime44neutral100not enough data10 %6c
sylvan goblin66aggressive322easy prey18.75 %3s 70c
sylvan goblin hunter77aggressive215hard opponent19.05 %3s 55c
sylvan goblin magician1111aggressive231easy prey0 %2s 15c
sylvan goblin warrior1011aggressive737easy prey0 %1s 70c
sylvan goblin whelp44aggressive496equal opponent0 %
Thornpaw1515aggressive10not enough data0 %1s 51c
tree snake11neutral311weak enemy0 %13c
tree spider33neutral80not enough data0 %25c
tree spirit77aggressive280weak enemy0 %19s 32c
Urfgrat the Green2324aggressive20not enough data0 %
undead druid910aggressive1350weak enemy8.15 %5s 16c
undead filidh66aggressive100not enough data10 %16c
undead goblin warrior77aggressive20not enough data0 %
wandering spirit910aggressive132not enough data0 %1s 15c
weak skeleton11aggressive394equal opponent0 %12c
wild boar1011aggressive175not enough data0 %60c
will o' wisp911neutral712weak enemy0 %2s 50c
wood ogre berserker1415neutral110not enough data0 %1s 84c
wood ogre lord1717aggressive52not enough data0 %3s 56c
wood ogre mystic1112neutral591weak enemy23.73 %7s 80c
wood ogre raider2223aggressive140not enough data0 %
wood ogre scourge1314neutral280weak enemy10.71 %5s 52c
wood ogre seer1414neutral50not enough data0 %2s 15c
young boar77aggressive51not enough data0 %42c
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