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Zone: Breifine

A total of 3858 monsters were killed here in Breifine and that resulted in a total of 395 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.24%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Balorson5454aggressive10not enough data0 %
bananach4344aggressive1491weak enemy10.74 %62s 49c
bloodletter5051aggressive731weak enemy5.48 %44s 75c
bocanach4850aggressive5791weak enemy6.04 %1g 41s 82c
boogie man3738aggressive140not enough data0 %9s 49c
Conann6363aggressive20not enough data0 %
Cruachan warrior4647aggressive810weak enemy9.88 %4g 64s 4c
chopper trainee4040aggressive260weak enemy3.85 %44c
cliff hanger4343neutral60not enough data16.67 %40s
corpan side4243aggressive550weak enemy23.64 %3g 47s 54c
corybantic skeleton4749aggressive1203weak enemy6.67 %1g 48s 4c
cruiach demon5858aggressive10not enough data100 %
curmudgeon scrapper4647neutral280weak enemy0 %19s 85c
Delil5051aggressive530weak enemy7.55 %3g 32s 18c
Denma5555aggressive20not enough data50 %38g 5s 38c
daughter of Medb4546aggressive1611weak enemy9.94 %3g 21s 56c
deamhan hound4547aggressive1150weak enemy12.17 %1g 86s 89c
dullahan5052aggressive171not enough data17.65 %27g 42s 54c
Evern7171aggressive120not enough data408.33 %
earthshaker4748aggressive760weak enemy9.21 %3g 12s 67c
empyrean elder4647neutral110not enough data18.18 %
empyrean guardian4041neutral100not enough data30 %3g 56s 57c
empyrean overseer4040neutral60not enough data0 %
empyrean wraith3030aggressive10not enough data100 %
Fomorian annag5759aggressive50not enough data0 %
Fomorian cyclen4950aggressive80not enough data0 %
Fomorian gehk4849aggressive280weak enemy7.14 %1g 18s 75c
Fomorian gleener6465aggressive40not enough data0 %
Fomorian goblern5151aggressive30not enough data0 %
Fomorian grabeye5759aggressive40not enough data0 %
Fomorian grencher5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
Fomorian underling424210not enough data0 %
Fomorian wolfbeast4951aggressive242easy prey8.33 %
Furor4949aggressive30not enough data0 %
faeghoul3637aggressive150not enough data0 %18s 36c
fallen Hibernian defender4546aggressive460weak enemy0 %34s 13c
far darrig4749aggressive2081weak enemy20.19 %6g 87s 1c
far dorocha5252aggressive20not enough data0 %
fear dearc5050aggressive30not enough data0 %
finliath5861aggressive1842weak enemy16.85 %1g 73s 78c
forest servant4656friendly20not enough data0 %
fuath4647aggressive140not enough data7.14 %2g 30s 6c
ghastly Midgard invader4446aggressive490weak enemy0 %8s 96c
ghostly Midgard invader4546aggressive270weak enemy7.41 %2g 97s 71c
ghostly parthelonian berserker5555aggressive50not enough data0 %35s 6c
graugach3939neutral10not enough data0 %
grogan4749neutral240easy prey0 %19s 51c
hillock changeling4040aggressive90not enough data11.11 %
Idol of Crom Cruiach5959aggressive10not enough data0 %2g 48s 62c
juvenile megafelid4041neutral30not enough data0 %18s 4c
koalinth slinker373830not enough data0 %6s 66c
Master Chopper4344aggressive60not enough data0 %1s 90c
Morc5050aggressive10not enough data0 %
Morven5051aggressive81not enough data0 %
mangled troll invader4547aggressive260weak enemy0 %24s 57c
megafelid4445aggressive940weak enemy7.45 %2g 8s 3c
mindworm585810not enough data0 %
moss monster4344neutral1050weak enemy21.9 %3s 34c
Necht5253aggressive230easy prey0 %
Norseman Chopper4243aggressive210easy prey0 %1s 45c
Notned5959aggressive90not enough data0 %
Octriallach5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
phaeghoul4041aggressive810weak enemy17.28 %60s 21c
Rarn Pubble6060aggressive11not enough data0 %
Reamonn4647aggressive40not enough data25 %
Ror6464aggressive110not enough data9.09 %
Ruadan5859aggressive20not enough data0 %
senior chopper4244aggressive80not enough data12.5 %1s 43c
sett dweller3030neutral10not enough data0 %
sett matron4040neutral40not enough data0 %13c
silvermine sentry555521not enough data50 %5g 86s 1c
skeletal dwarf invader4646aggressive100not enough data10 %3g 35s 34c
spectral Briton invader4546aggressive710weak enemy2.82 %1g 18s 22c
spectral manslayer4952aggressive6255weak enemy6.88 %1g 24s
speghoul4243aggressive150not enough data0 %27s 81c
Tethra6060aggressive10not enough data0 %
Trembler5252aggressive100not enough data0 %
torcan3535neutral50not enough data0 %
Uileog454510not enough data0 %
umber bear4446neutral1420weak enemy3.52 %47s 31c
undead Briton invader4445aggressive990weak enemy7.07 %1g 51s 6c
unearthed cave bear4951aggressive1020weak enemy19.61 %1g 44s 58c
veteran chopper4142aggressive20not enough data0 %1s 90c
Wraith Fairy4348neutral460weak enemy6.52 %
wanshee6060aggressive10not enough data0 %
wraith drake5664aggressive360weak enemy5.56 %1g 39s 73c
Xia2929aggressive20not enough data50 %
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