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Zone: Raumarik

A total of 3280 monsters were killed here in Raumarik and that resulted in a total of 330 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.06%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Clan deserter4546aggressive150not enough data0 %51s 25c
chillsome wight5152aggressive904easy prey15.56 %6g 94s 14c
decayed dire wolf5556aggressive202not enough data10 %89s 39c
dire wolverine5859aggressive50not enough data0 %4g 36s 46c
enhorning4848aggressive10not enough data0 %5g 12s 65c
enthralled zombie454640not enough data0 %
fenrir mystic6060aggressive1264weak enemy11.9 %30s 65c
fenrir prophet505010not enough data0 %
fenrir soldier5758aggressive15810easy prey13.92 %64s 55c
frigid broadleaf6061aggressive102249easy prey11.35 %1g 60s 32c
frore lich5759aggressive86629weak enemy10.51 %8s 73c
frost bound bear4748aggressive336hard opponent0 %1g 49s 50c
frost cyclops6263aggressive2021weak enemy10.89 %4g 6s 72c
frost stallion5657aggressive110not enough data0 %90s 91c
fylgja4848friendly10not enough data0 %
greater fenrir5960aggressive701weak enemy8.57 %7s 14c
Hagall the Red Dagger5353aggressive30not enough data0 %
Hugi6565aggressive40not enough data0 %
ice giant5151aggressive10not enough data200 %
icestrider chiller4949aggressive230easy prey4.35 %4s 35c
icestrider frostweaver4546aggressive260weak enemy11.54 %2g 11s 47c
icestrider interceptor4949aggressive300weak enemy10 %6g 88c
Loken636310not enough data0 %
mature wyvern5859aggressive90not enough data0 %
Oona6565aggressive10not enough data0 %
pained spirit4243140not enough data0 %35s 58c
Red Dagger4747aggressive110not enough data0 %31s 87c
Red Dagger lookout4242aggressive30not enough data0 %
Red Hagen5556aggressive30not enough data0 %
Runemistress Shayla4646neutral10not enough data0 %
Runil5151aggressive30not enough data0 %
Servant of Kelic5152aggressive411weak enemy0 %
savage winterwolf4752aggressive60not enough data0 %
savage wyvern4648aggressive400weak enemy12.5 %69s 76c
sleipneirsson4262neutral1143weak enemy0 %
snow vendo5455aggressive70not enough data0 %
undead guard4647100not enough data0 %18s 40c
undead soldier5053aggressive50not enough data0 %1g 20s
undead thrall4949aggressive20not enough data0 %
Wretch of Winter6565neutral28not enough data50 %
widow claw4850aggressive130not enough data0 %10s 82c
windswept wraith5051aggressive27211easy prey9.56 %8g 3s 27c
winter wolf4747aggressive20not enough data50 %37s 50c
wolf of Loki4648aggressive80not enough data0 %
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