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Zone: Skona Ravine

A total of 5409 monsters were killed here in Skona Ravine and that resulted in a total of 675 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 12.48%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Ash Tree3434neutral90not enough data0 %
Askafroa3333aggressive120not enough data0 %19s 80c
Big Paw3838aggressive180not enough data0 %56s 3c
battle-scarred mauler3334aggressive130not enough data0 %53s 15c
black mauler1515aggressive10not enough data0 %1s 24c
brush cat2728neutral272easy prey0 %25s 69c
Captain Gruff3939aggressive70not enough data0 %64s
Cargila4042neutral80not enough data0 %65s 82c
callow wolverine3132aggressive1140weak enemy0 %28s 16c
dryad blossom2021aggressive2141weak enemy13.08 %19s 72c
dryad greenthumb2122aggressive1170weak enemy7.69 %8s 54c
Elf of Gashir2121neutral20not enough data0 %
elder skogsfru3233aggressive1300weak enemy0 %27s 24c
Fjalar3838aggressive431weak enemy0 %
Furf3333neutral100not enough data0 %3s 8c
Galar3738aggressive440weak enemy0 %
giant tree frog2021neutral410weak enemy0 %7s 95c
gray worg1213aggressive160not enough data0 %7s 35c
great tingler1819friendly82not enough data25 %6s 28c
green orm4041aggressive1082weak enemy0 %54s 25c
Korban2222aggressive20not enough data0 %
Lasaer2526aggressive60not enough data0 %
Leildolf3738neutral160not enough data0 %
Listening Tree3536neutral190not enough data0 %
minor werewolf noble2022aggressive251easy prey4 %8s 52c
moss maiden2526aggressive370weak enemy10.81 %7s 16c
Nagoltooth4142aggressive100not enough data0 %73s 49c
Nimh2525aggressive30not enough data0 %9s
Pellinistra2627friendly50not enough data0 %
Priestess of Gashir2121neutral90not enough data0 %
perfidious pook1112aggressive120not enough data0 %2s 57c
pine mephit2324aggressive120not enough data0 %11s 69c
ra of oak2929aggressive40not enough data0 %45s 75c
ra of willow3132aggressive410weak enemy0 %31s 14c
Storslange4445aggressive81not enough data0 %
Stripe2324aggressive130not enough data7.69 %13s 75c
seithkona1515neutral240easy prey0 %
shrieking willow1819aggressive1717easy prey8.77 %37s 15c
sidhe draoi3738aggressive4212weak enemy10.45 %2g 55s 8c
sidhe gaoite3738neutral420weak enemy9.52 %2g 8s 23c
slange-avkom4444aggressive10not enough data0 %
Thasior3031friendly50not enough data20 %2g 98s 8c
Tradande2828neutral481weak enemy8.33 %98s 91c
timber cat3638neutral1841weak enemy0 %44s 98c
timberland badger3233aggressive1800weak enemy7.78 %18s 85c
tree spirit2728neutral1580weak enemy15.82 %1g 44s 25c
treekeep2223aggressive4271weak enemy80.33 %12s 99c
Vindvasen3132neutral140not enough data28.57 %3g 49s 52c
Witch2424aggressive10not enough data0 %
werewolf1718aggressive2221weak enemy9.46 %43s 60c
werewolf captain3638aggressive141not enough data0 %54s 33c
werewolf commander3737aggressive691weak enemy0 %41s 90c
werewolf gladiator3535aggressive40not enough data0 %87s
werewolf guard3133aggressive66515weak enemy10.08 %1g 63s 62c
werewolf lieutenant3435aggressive680weak enemy2.94 %1g 51s 96c
werewolf runner2121aggressive581weak enemy10.34 %1g 24s 46c
werewolf shaman3031friendly853weak enemy0 %
werewolf skulker2425aggressive2682weak enemy7.46 %2g 66s 99c
werewolf warder2729aggressive1163weak enemy9.48 %86s 56c
whispering willow3437neutral650weak enemy0 %49s 5c
wind spirit2830neutral440weak enemy13.64 %1g 90s 66c
wolfaur gladiator3637friendly201not enough data0 %49s 45c
wolfaur headsman3236friendly4553weak enemy8.35 %4g 67s 52c
wolfaur shaman3536friendly70not enough data0 %40s 29c
wolverine4141aggressive520weak enemy0 %88s 11c
wood mephit2223aggressive410weak enemy0 %10s 31c
wood rat2425aggressive441weak enemy9.09 %5s 79c
woodland badger2323aggressive1132weak enemy0 %14s 9c
young envy drake2022aggressive571weak enemy0 %15s
young silverscale drake2222neutral91not enough data0 %20s 72c
young wolverine2829aggressive671weak enemy0 %25s 20c
Zrit-Zrit3436aggressive260weak enemy3.85 %39s 53c
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