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Zone: Emain Macha

A total of 2562 monsters were killed here in Emain Macha and that resulted in a total of 302 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 11.79%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Agorn494910not enough data100 %
Atax5959aggressive10not enough data200 %
alp luachra3131aggressive30not enough data0 %7s 50c
amadan touched3333aggressive190not enough data21.05 %21s 42c
Bowman5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
bananach4142aggressive3520weak enemy13.64 %1g 56s 39c
bean sidhe4142aggressive3051weak enemy11.8 %1g 24s 52c
black badger4041neutral200not enough data30 %1g 99s 97c
bocaide4749aggressive80not enough data0 %
boogie man3639aggressive30not enough data0 %
Clooky4747neutral30not enough data0 %
chopper trainee3738aggressive530weak enemy1.89 %54c
cliff beetle3739aggressive250easy prey4 %1g 78s 98c
corpan side4041aggressive1061weak enemy16.98 %4g 98s 49c
corybantic skeleton4747aggressive3462weak enemy8.96 %3g 29s 85c
curmudgeon scrapper4343aggressive300weak enemy0 %41s 78c
Eresidae4648aggressive60not enough data0 %
fachan4850aggressive290weak enemy6.9 %86s 73c
faeghoul3737aggressive150not enough data20 %2g 46s 93c
Granny Grain4747aggressive20not enough data0 %
Gron4950neutral170not enough data17.65 %
gan ceanach4747aggressive20not enough data0 %
giant lusus5858aggressive70not enough data0 %
goborchend4849aggressive1211weak enemy2.48 %45s 68c
goborchend gasher4850aggressive340weak enemy20.59 %2g 97s 22c
goborchend piercer4748aggressive212easy prey23.81 %8g 74s 14c
goborchend wounder5153aggressive163not enough data6.25 %33s
granny4950aggressive1343weak enemy8.21 %2g 16s 87c
graugach3536neutral40not enough data100 %7s 42c
grogan4749neutral2540weak enemy20.47 %1g 82s 97c
grovewood3940aggressive230easy prey4.35 %31c
hillock changeling3637aggressive320weak enemy9.38 %9s 37c
juvenile megafelid4041neutral150not enough data13.33 %1g 49s 4c
levian5555aggressive21not enough data0 %
levian-al4848aggressive60not enough data16.67 %15s 30c
loghery man4749aggressive300weak enemy6.67 %1g 67s 67c
luch hunter3436aggressive80not enough data0 %13s 47c
Master Chopper4042aggressive410weak enemy2.44 %29s 16c
mad changeling2727aggressive10not enough data0 %
megafelid4243aggressive541weak enemy7.41 %1g 85s 61c
mindworm5353aggressive711weak enemy9.86 %3g 18s 81c
Norseman Chopper3739aggressive940weak enemy9.57 %72s 55c
phaeghoul3839aggressive530weak enemy35.85 %2g 29s 86c
Quietus5050aggressive10not enough data0 %
Quinlan4949aggressive10not enough data0 %
rage wolf3636aggressive40not enough data0 %38s 13c
roan stepper3131neutral40not enough data25 %3g 62s 88c
Sloan5051aggressive220easy prey0 %
senior chopper4041aggressive380weak enemy2.63 %30s 52c
sett dweller3030neutral110not enough data0 %5c
siog seeker2929aggressive10not enough data0 %7s 50c
squabbler3030neutral110not enough data36.36 %2g 25s 82c
Taman5959aggressive20not enough data0 %
torc3939neutral900weak enemy8.89 %55s 69c
torcan3131neutral10not enough data0 %
white boar3940neutral50not enough data0 %
Yrial4848aggressive30not enough data0 %
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