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Zone: Vanern Swamp

A total of 8930 monsters were killed here in Vanern Swamp and that resulted in a total of 877 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.82%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
black orm3738aggressive2900weak enemy25.17 %8s 49c
broken jotun5254aggressive28411weak enemy11.62 %12g 71s 75c
chameleon-frog4950aggressive150not enough data0 %
clay jotun4243aggressive2990weak enemy9.03 %1g 39s 80c
clay jotun guard4545aggressive540weak enemy5.56 %1g 94s 88c
clay jotun hunter4848aggressive10not enough data100 %69g 85s 44c
clay jotun retainer4747aggressive160not enough data25 %8g 78s 85c
clay jotun runner4848aggressive300weak enemy3.33 %2g 32s 85c
crippled jotun5353aggressive235hard opponent8.7 %33s 91c
dark seithkona4848aggressive10not enough data0 %
dark seithkona initiate4546aggressive660weak enemy0 %
enslaved orm434370not enough data0 %1g 75s
enslaved orm biter4747aggressive30not enough data0 %
enslaved orm runner4343aggressive30not enough data0 %
enthralled zombie4545aggressive110not enough data0 %
Freyana4747aggressive40not enough data0 %
fallen sea king5858aggressive24not enough data0 %
fallen sea queen5959aggressive12not enough data0 %
forest spider5051aggressive163not enough data12.5 %
forest spider queen5353aggressive30not enough data0 %
forest spider runner5353aggressive40not enough data0 %
forest viper4244aggressive3244weak enemy13.27 %62s 3c
green frog4949aggressive471weak enemy0 %
green orm4141aggressive590weak enemy0 %59s 39c
hagbui berserker4951aggressive102114weak enemy9.89 %7g 96s 97c
hagbui forge tender3839neutral14000weak enemy10.71 %5g 3s 19c
hagbui guard4142aggressive7764weak enemy8.38 %3g 31s 36c
hagbui herald3939neutral2021weak enemy5.45 %26s 24c
hagbui page3737neutral1720weak enemy0 %26s 17c
hagbui runemaster4546aggressive1793weak enemy10.06 %1g 88s 48c
hagbui shaman3738aggressive3581weak enemy6.15 %1g 72s 10c
hagbui spiritmaster4445aggressive2351weak enemy9.36 %2g 3s 82c
hagbui squire4040neutral6290weak enemy11.76 %9g 17s 70c
hagbui swordbearer3637neutral12760weak enemy9.33 %5g 41s 31c
hagbui thane5253aggressive1947weak enemy8.76 %13g 55s 95c
Ljagnid4949aggressive10not enough data0 %
large enslaved orm5052aggressive451weak enemy0 %
large enslaved orm runne5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
large enslaved orm runner5051aggressive111not enough data0 %
Major Terentius5353aggressive10not enough data0 %
Mista4445aggressive210easy prey0 %
mud crab3637aggressive4330weak enemy11.32 %29s 20c
mud crab warrior3738aggressive741weak enemy10.81 %44s 44c
mud frog3436neutral1640weak enemy8.54 %13s 48c
Noma Rindasdottir3838neutral30not enough data0 %
reincarnate orm4748aggressive431weak enemy16.28 %13s 49c
sidhe gaoite3637neutral290weak enemy10.34 %1g 20s 88c
small black orm3737aggressive690weak enemy11.59 %2s 39c
timber cat3738neutral210easy prey0 %52s 35c
Ulfketill5050aggressive30not enough data0 %1g 33s 33c
undead minion4343aggressive10not enough data0 %
Valthjof5050aggressive40not enough data0 %
Ydenia of the Seithkona5858aggressive11not enough data0 %
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