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Zone: Summoners Hall

A total of 1388 monsters were killed here in Summoners Hall and that resulted in a total of 164 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 11.82%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Aphryx's Tortured Soul3645260weak enemy0 %
Arus's Tortured Soul3547130not enough data7.69 %
Avartack the Champion6464aggressive20not enough data50 %
Briandina's Tortured Soul3443311weak enemy3.23 %
black noble5056202not enough data5 %66s 76c
blooded noble4454neutral253equal opponent0 %
cavernous yeti343521not enough data0 %
Dwuanne's Tortured Soul3245313easy prey16.13 %
decomposing lookout344420not enough data0 %
deep wolf3950neutral879equal opponent4.6 %37s 95c
disembowled undead4047aggressive655easy prey10.77 %2g 51s 36c
Feraa's Tortured Soul2844331weak enemy3.03 %76s 21c
Grand Summoner Govannon6262aggressive311not enough data666.67 %
gore dappled zombie4456aggressive774easy prey7.79 %59s 16c
gray noble4957aggressive411weak enemy2.44 %
Klose's Tortured Soul3238323easy prey0 %
Lonar's Tortured Soul3140aggressive323easy prey0 %
living dead4748aggressive100not enough data0 %75s 63c
reanimated champion6162aggressive80not enough data0 %
reanimated guardian6162aggressive130not enough data7.69 %25s 51c
Summoner Cunovinda7171aggressive15not enough data300 %
Summoner Lossren6060neutral20not enough data300 %
Summoner Roesia5959aggressive216not enough data200 %
sidhe coimirceoir4356aggressive18526equal opponent21.62 %53s 54c
sidhe draiodoir4460neutral13612easy prey11.03 %
sidhe magicker4049aggressive959easy prey16.84 %2g 6s 14c
sidhe tiarna4356aggressive1419easy prey7.8 %
summoned bow3045aggressive17743hard opponent3.39 %
summoned demon5959neutral30not enough data200 %
summoned sacrifice6666neutral10not enough data100 %
supreme earth spirit565610not enough data0 %
Threepwood's Tortured Soul3338333easy prey6.06 %
unseelie fairy5556430weak enemy4.65 %24s 45c
widow claw4548aggressive70not enough data0 %10s 5c
withered oak5354aggressive80not enough data37.5 %
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