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Zone: Valley of Bri Leith

A total of 3295 monsters were killed here in Valley of Bri Leith and that resulted in a total of 228 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 6.92%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
barca1113aggressive17214easy prey0 %25c
clubmoss sheerie1314aggressive241easy prey0 %
Druid2223aggressive940weak enemy0 %6s 37c
dew sheerie1818aggressive10not enough data0 %2s 44c
empyrean elder4243friendly330weak enemy3.03 %9s 9c
empyrean guardian3536friendly490weak enemy0 %24s 36c
empyrean keeper2425aggressive110not enough data0 %3s 27c
empyrean orb1111aggressive700weak enemy21.43 %7s 57c
empyrean overseer3839friendly600weak enemy0 %17s 33c
empyrean sentinel2728friendly140not enough data0 %6s 53c
empyrean watcher1717aggressive870weak enemy0 %2s 67c
empyrean wisp1415neutral1230weak enemy0 %
Fearan1718aggressive170not enough data0 %2s 9c
faerie drake2223neutral2350weak enemy10.64 %6s 69c
faerie horse1819neutral1112weak enemy6.31 %42s 94c
faerie steed2122neutral690weak enemy0 %
fee lion2526aggressive800weak enemy11.25 %2g 6s 93c
fury sprite1416aggressive2337weak enemy7.3 %19s 75c
Glare1818aggressive97not enough data100 %
Guardian Hru4040friendly60not enough data0 %
grass sheerie1416aggressive29411weak enemy7.14 %3s 7c
hill hound2020aggressive190not enough data0 %9s 28c
Keeper Rasa2727friendly50not enough data0 %
Lashold3232aggressive50not enough data0 %30s
Lusmorebane3232aggressive40not enough data0 %
Mikka4748neutral111not enough data0 %
mad changeling2729aggressive550weak enemy12.73 %1g 16s 31c
merman2631neutral620weak enemy12.9 %1g 85s 9c
moss sheerie1012aggressive21110easy prey7.58 %1s 97c
Natyl1718aggressive280weak enemy0 %3s 11c
Niy the Overseer3940friendly240easy prey0 %
primrose1111neutral1633weak enemy20.25 %2s 42c
Riocard2929neutral150not enough data0 %4s
rage wolf3233aggressive670weak enemy0 %24s 96c
Sloithi1818aggressive171not enough data0 %3s 50c
siog footpad1616aggressive1362weak enemy10.29 %18s 71c
siog piller1919aggressive901weak enemy6.67 %39s 68c
siog seeker2930aggressive2245weak enemy11.16 %79s 14c
siog waylayer2729aggressive370weak enemy0 %6s 75c
Tangua2020aggressive220easy prey0 %
Tric2424neutral40not enough data0 %
Viola1718neutral100not enough data0 %
veil wisp1214neutral23612easy prey6.36 %1s 54c
Watcher Rylie2020friendly30not enough data0 %
Wilde2525neutral112not enough data0 %19s 96c
wrath sprite2829aggressive442easy prey0 %16s 3c
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