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Uthgard 2.0 bestiary news

  • Rev 0.23: 25-08-2021 Added a page that shows all remains for Trophies, for all 3 realms.
  • Rev 0.23: 10-02-2019 Added average kill value calculations, new item drop overview and salvage values on monster/zone pages.
  • PHP7 update: 10-11-2018 Migration of website to PHP7, some pages might not work for some days, sorry for the inconvience.
  • Rev 0.22: 14-07-2018 Added salvage value/material from filter "You get back" and "after salvaging the".
  • Rev 0.21: 07-07-2018 Added faction system from filter "standing with X decreases" or "standing with X increases".
  • Rev 0.20: 05-07-2018 Added sell and offer value for all items, single and stacked from filter "gives you" or "offers you".
  • Rev 0.19: 31-04-2018 Added exp items from filter "offering a reward" or "offering a bounty" and more filters for pets: simulacrum. Added sortable zone table. Added Experience items in search and changed selected "level to" to 80.
  • Rev 0.18: 23-10-2017 Add players killed by, even if there was no kill of the monster, but check if monster is in database already, to avoid PvP kills in database.
  • Rev 0.17: 02-10-2017 Added filter to "killed by" messages from frontier that contains location, like "XX was killed by YY in Emain!"
  • Rev 0.16d: 28-05-2017 Correct wrong DPS to level calculation, it was DPS*3, now it is (DPS-1.2)/0.3, 486 weapon entries fixed manually, thats the price for this-will-do-for-now solutions.
  • Rev 0.16c: 13-05-2017 Corrected "The" search to "The " and more filters for pets: abomination, underhill and forest heart. Should have been made from the start.
  • Rev 0.16b: 21-04-2017 update items DB with "crafted by:"
  • Rev 0.16a: 07-04-2017 update items DB with more detailed charge/proc information. Shitty fix at line 593 for already manually confirmed items, chance of this getting changed in the future, none-to-zero.
  • Bestiary goes live!
  • Rev 0.16: 06-01-2017 update items DB with item level and item material type if possible. That was 11 intense days of developing a working bestiary!
  • Rev 0.15: 05-01-2017 Look for item information, update items DB with delve information.
  • Rev 0.14: 02-01-2017 Add players killed by monsters to database, even the dead and foolish deserves fame.
  • Rev 0.13: 02-01-2017 Add examined results to monster database: neutral, friendly or aggressive. Added logfile tracking to avoid future head aches.
  • Rev 0.12: 31-12-2016 Write updated zone statistics result to database, if it does not exist already, make a new entry.
  • Rev 0.11: 31-12-2016 Write updated droprate results to database, if it does not exist already, make a new entry
  • Rev 0.10: 30-12-2016 Write updated kill results and new items results to database, if it does not exist already, make a new entry, hopeully avoiding duplets.
  • Rev 0.05: 30-12-2016 Substract camp and group bonus from exp to get correct level estimate.
  • Rev 0.04: 29-12-2016 Format exp to determine level, add level to kill array, is the exp-to-level table correct?
  • Rev 0.03: 29-12-2016 Write to new formatted arrays (kills/drops) and remove grey kills, wishful thinking.
  • Rev 0.02: 28-12-2016 Comma separated lines with structure and "a/the" filtering.
  • Rev 0.01: 27-12-2016 First working parser to sort out drops, kill and exp. It was a wonderful evening.
  • Internal development and testing begins