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Arcanium / Arcanite metal bars


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
50shimmering Mighty archmace1575g 45s 15c
50shimmering Icebender poleaxe1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Adroit large round shield1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Sturdy great hammer1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Speedy war pick1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Mighty war pick1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Protector large round shield1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Speedy great sword1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Glib mail leggings1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Speedy bardiche1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Energybender poleaxe1575g 45s 15c
47luminous Fortifying partisan1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Adroit archmace1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Adroit great hammer1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Adroit war pick1575g 45s 15c
48luminous Bodybender lucerne hammer1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Adroit great hammer1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Honed plate breastplate1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Energybender partisan1575g 45s 15c
48luminous Speedy large round shield1575g 45s 15c
50shimmering Bluntbender partisan1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Spiritbender large round shield1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Energybender tower shield1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Speedy lucerne hammer1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Thrustbender war pick1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Adroit tower shield1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Speedy partisan1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Fortifying great hammer1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Spiritbender great hammer1470g 42s 14c
45luminous Adroit archmace1470g 42s 14c


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
49luminous Speedy war scythe1575g 45s 15c
50shimmering Fortifying tower shield1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Bodybender osnadurtha hauberk1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Bluntbender large round shield1575g 45s 15c
40luminous Thrustbender battle spear1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Speedy tower shield1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Sturdy battle spear1575g 45s 15c
48luminous Matterbender block shield1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Adroit large round shield1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Bodybender large round shield1575g 45s 15c
40luminous Energybender hooked spear1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Fortifying osnadurtha leggings1575g 45s 15c
45luminous Bluntbender sledge hammer1575g 45s 15c
47luminous Heatbender great hammer1365g 39s 13c
49luminous Energybender pick hammer1050g 30s 10c
48luminous Edgebender kite shield1050g 30s 10c
51shimmering Speedy kite shield1050g 30s 10c
47luminous Speedy kite shield1050g 30s 10c
46luminous Heatbender mace1050g 30s 10c
47luminous Adroit kite shield1050g 30s 10c
48Shadow Crystal Great Sword1050g 30s 10c
46luminous Icebender short sword525g 15s 5c
0luminous Adroit hammer525g 15s 5c
46luminous Adroit osnadurtha gloves525g 15s 5c
45Sable Drakescale Gloves525g 15s 5c
46luminous Attuned osnadurtha boots525g 15s 5c
45luminous Bluntbender osnadurtha gloves525g 15s 5c
46Sable Drakescale Boots525g 15s 5c
46luminous Matterbender barbed mace525g 15s 5c
45luminous Adroit mace525g 15s 5c


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
47luminous Mighty starkakedja leggings1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Mighty starkakedja hauberk1575g 45s 15c
42luminous Speedy great hammer1575g 45s 15c
40luminous Speedy hooked spear1575g 45s 15c
0shimmering Adroit great sword1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Edgebender hooked spear1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Mighty great spiked hammer1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Matterbender battle spear1575g 45s 15c
51shimmering Mighty hooked spear1575g 45s 15c
46luminous Speedy moon claw1050g 30s 10c
51shimmering Bodybender kite shield1050g 30s 10c
46luminous Speedy fang greave525g 15s 5c
46luminous Edgebender pick hammer525g 15s 5c
47luminous Thrustbender starkakedja gloves525g 15s 5c
42luminous Thrustbender pick hammer525g 15s 5c
40luminous Bluntbender fang greave525g 15s 5c
50Wulfen Luminary Boots525g 15s 5c
43luminous Mighty exceptional hatchet525g 15s 5c
45luminous Mighty double bladed axe315g 9s 3c

Netherium / Netherite metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
42luminous Speedy lamellar vest1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Sturdy great sword1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Speedy war pick1550g 30s 10c
40Luminous Mouldering Moor Hauberk1550g 30s 10c
40Luminous Mouldering Moor Leggings1550g 30s 10c
44luminous Edgebender bardiche1550g 30s 10c
44luminous Icebender poleaxe1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Fortifying bardiche1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Matterbender bardiche1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Mighty war pick1550g 30s 10c
42luminous Speedy lucerne hammer1550g 30s 10c
43luminous Matterbender plate breastplate1550g 30s 10c
45Adamant Coral Breastplate1550g 30s 10c
42luminous Willful mail leggings1550g 30s 10c
44luminous Matterbender mail sleeves1033g 53s 40c
40Luminous Mouldering Moor Sleeves1033g 53s 40c
40luminous Willful mace1033g 53s 40c
44luminous Protector lamellar sleeves1033g 53s 40c
41luminous Fortifying plate helm1033g 53s 40c
45Adamant Coral Helm1033g 53s 40c
44luminous Glib rapier1033g 53s 40c
43luminous Bodybender rapier516g 76s 70c
43luminous Sturdy whip516g 76s 70c
44Rift Finder516g 76s 70c
40luminous Adroit jambiya516g 76s 70c
40luminous Spiritbender jambiya516g 76s 70c
43luminous Fortifying buckler516g 76s 70c
43luminous Fortifying long dirk516g 76s 70c
41luminous Mighty round shield516g 76s 70c
45Adamant Coral Boots516g 76s 70c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
40luminous Matterbender osnadurtha leggings1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Bluntbender osnadurtha hauberk1550g 30s 10c
42luminous Speedy battle spear1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Heatbender war scythe1550g 30s 10c
43luminous Speedy sledge hammer1550g 30s 10c
47luminous Adroit war scythe1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Fortifying war scythe1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Insightful great hammer1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Mighty battle spear1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Fortifying osnadurtha hauberk1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Energybender battle spear1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Icebender great hammer1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Edgebender hooked spear1550g 30s 10c
47luminous Fortifying battle spear1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Attuned osnadurtha leggings1550g 30s 10c
47luminous Fortifying large round shield1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Energybender osnadurtha hauberk1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Speedy block shield1550g 30s 10c
45luminous Heatbender battle spear1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Bluntbender tower shield1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Insightful great sword1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Heatbender block shield1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Spiritbender great sword1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Mighty sledge hammer1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Speedy great falcata1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Spiritbender great falcata1550g 30s 10c
42luminous Fortifying hooked spear1550g 30s 10c
0luminous Thrustbender war scythe1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Bodybender great falcata1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Icebender battle spear1550g 30s 10c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
40luminous Adroit hooked spear1550g 30s 10c
42luminous Thrustbender battle axe1550g 30s 10c
44luminous Speedy great sword1550g 30s 10c
43luminous Mighty battle axe1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Mighty hooked spear1550g 30s 10c
44luminous Matterbender hooked spear1550g 30s 10c
40luminous Thrustbender battle spear1550g 30s 10c
44luminous Fortifying battle spear1550g 30s 10c
43luminous Mighty starkaskodd leggings1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Edgebender great sword1550g 30s 10c
42luminous Adroit great spiked hammer1550g 30s 10c
44luminous Willful great hammer1550g 30s 10c
43luminous Bluntbender starkaskodd vest1550g 30s 10c
41luminous Icebender great spiked hammer1446g 94s 76c
41luminous Bodybender starkaskodd leggings1446g 94s 76c
44luminous Willful large round shield1343g 59s 42c
41luminous Bluntbender battle spear1343g 59s 42c
44luminous Spiritbender kite shield1033g 53s 40c
43luminous Matterbender long sword1033g 53s 40c
41luminous Thrustbender war circlet1033g 53s 40c
42luminous Sturdy bladed claw greave1033g 53s 40c
42luminous Speedy spiked hammer1033g 53s 40c
41luminous Mighty starkakedja helm1033g 53s 40c
40luminous Thrustbender cleaver1033g 53s 40c
41luminous Speedy cleaver1033g 53s 40c
40luminous Adroit pick hammer1033g 53s 40c
40luminous Energybender kite shield1033g 53s 40c
0luminous Adroit bladed moon claw1033g 53s 40c
44luminous Adroit moon claw1033g 53s 40c
42luminous Adroit cleaver1033g 53s 40c

Asterite / Diamond metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
50Halberd of the Stonewatch105234g 73s 80c
41Ebony Plate of the Corrupt100223g 56s
50Hammer of the Stonewatch95212g 38s 20c
46Shimmering Corrupt Greatheart Mail92205g 67s 52c
50Danaoin War Pick89198g 96s 84c
46Shimmering Vest of the Baleful Dead74165g 43s 44c
46Shimmering Fiery Headsman's Axe74165g 43s 44c
42Luminous Shard of Grovewood71158g 72s 76c
47Shimmering Halberd of the Covetous70156g 49s 20c
50Shimmering Raven Clan Battle Sword67149g 78s 52c
47Hammer of the Yearning Soul63140g 84s 28c
46Shimmering Plate of Eternal Midnight61136g 37s 16c
46Shimmering Frozen Heart-piercer59131g 90s 4c
50Shimmering Darkened Sledge59131g 90s 4c
43Luminous Ebony Legs of the Corrupt59131g 90s 4c
46Shimmering Corrupt Greatheart Leggings55122g 95s 80c
47Shimmering Corrupt Greatheart Coif55122g 95s 80c
48Sheer Ruby Scale-splitter53118g 48s 68c
42Claw of the Rending50111g 78s
47Shimmering Solemn Destroyer49109g 54s 44c
45Shimmering Helm of the Baleful Dead4498g 36s 64c
46Leggings of the Baleful Dead4498g 36s 64c
47Shimmering Ancient Ebony Scimitar4293g 89s 52c
43Luminous Light Asterite Lucerne Hammer4293g 89s 52c
47Shimmering Grim Impaler4293g 89s 52c
41Ebony Arms of the Corrupt4089g 42s 40c
51Dark Crystalline Vest3987g 18s 84c
50Shimmering Raven Clan Meat Cleaver3884g 95s 28c
50Shimmering Gladius of the Battlelord3884g 95s 28c
47Shimmering Smoldering Sable Mace3884g 95s 28c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
50Azure Avenger109243g 68s 4c
50Far Dorocha Devastator100223g 56s
50Glimmer Wrath Great Hammer98219g 8s 88c
41Dread Blackscale Hauberk92205g 67s 52c
36Algae Covered Coral Hauberk70156g 49s 20c
47Shimmering Wicked Thorn60134g 13s 60c
50Granny's Needle58129g 66s 48c
49Shimmering Dread Blackscale Coif55122g 95s 80c
47Shimmering Dread Blackscale Greaves55122g 95s 80c
49Champion Burnished Shanshee Coif46102g 83s 76c
50Iridescent Sylph Leggings46102g 83s 76c
36Algae Covered Coral Leggings4293g 89s 52c
50Harvester of Malign Doom3884g 95s 28c
50Soul Reaver3884g 95s 28c
41Dread Blackscale Sleeves3782g 71s 72c
50Glimmer Geist Spear3578g 24s 60c
41Gem Encrusted Claw3373g 77s 48c
41Luminous Spine Splitter3373g 77s 48c
41Spine Splitter3373g 77s 48c
36Alluvion Great Sword3373g 77s 48c
38Runic Shillelagh3373g 77s 48c
50Shining Sheeroe Leggings3169g 30s 36c
50Glimmerstrike Crusher3169g 30s 36c
37Alluvion Great Hammer2964g 83s 24c
34Lustrous Algae Covered Coral Sleeves2862g 59s 68c
49Shagreen Druid Boots2760g 36s 12c
49Shagreen Gloves2760g 36s 12c
43Infernal Bane2658g 12s 56c
37Alluvion Spear2658g 12s 56c
50Glimmering Stiletto2658g 12s 56c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
49Jotun Black Orm Hauberk159355g 46s 4c
46Shimmering Shrunken Orm Skull95212g 38s 20c
49Jotun Blackorm Leggings95212g 38s 20c
49Dragon Etched Legs95212g 38s 20c
49Supple Serpent-hide Vest74165g 43s 44c
50Shimmering Celestial Storm Caller70156g 49s 20c
37Ringed Silksteel Hauberk64143g 7s 84c
48Shimmering Thunder Embossed Sleeves63140g 84s 28c
50Shimmering Runic Manslayer63140g 84s 28c
43Luminous Jet Bloodletter's Hauberk61136g 37s 16c
45Jet Bloodletter's Helm55122g 95s 80c
50Chilllsome Icebound Helm55122g 95s 80c
49Chillsome Icebound Legs55122g 95s 80c
50Shimmering Carved Orm Fang Sword51114g 1s 56c
49Supple Serpent-hide Helm4498g 36s 64c
49Supple Serpent-hide Leggings4498g 36s 64c
49Frozen Windswept Axe4293g 89s 52c
36Wolfsclaw Hauberk4191g 65s 96c
34Wolftooth Hauberk4191g 65s 96c
45Shimmering Twilight-mail Leggings3884g 95s 28c
41Ringed Darksteel Helm3884g 95s 28c
41Ringed Darksteel Leggings3884g 95s 28c
37Ringed Silksteel Coif3884g 95s 28c
50Chillsome Icebound Sleeves3782g 71s 72c
42Blood Crystal Helm3782g 71s 72c
44Jet Bloodletter's Leggings3782g 71s 72c
36Faded Chain Silksteel Hauberk3782g 71s 72c
50Shimmering Ebony Axe of Mindless Rage3578g 24s 60c
38Varulvhamn Spear3373g 77s 48c
41Serpent-hide Vest3373g 77s 48c

Adamantium / Sapphire metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
34Shining Arawnite Deathmail5074g 52s
34Arawnite Coif3044g 71s 20c
35Morvel Mauler1725g 33s 68c
33lustrous Heatbender great hammer1522g 35s 60c
0lustrous Mighty lucerne hammer1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Mighty tower shield1522g 35s 60c
33Vae Inimicus Lucerne Pike1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Adroit plate greaves1522g 35s 60c
31Despoiled Lucerne Hammer1522g 35s 60c
0lustrous Sturdy great hammer1522g 35s 60c
30lustrous Bodybender poleaxe1522g 35s 60c
30Despoiled Legs1522g 35s 60c
33Woebegone Miner Vest1522g 35s 60c
34Woebegone Miner Leggings1522g 35s 60c
34Tensile Mail Hauberk1522g 35s 60c
31Sarel Sebian Smasher1522g 35s 60c
33Vae Inimicus War Mattock1522g 35s 60c
34Mighty Mail Leggings1522g 35s 60c
31Glowing Sebian War Mattock1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Adroit bardiche1522g 35s 60c
31lustrous Bluntbender tower shield1522g 35s 60c
33Bloodstained Leggings1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Tensile mail leggings1522g 35s 60c
31Bloodstained Vest1420g 86s 56c
30lustrous Bluntbender lamellar sleeves1014g 90s 40c
36Woebegone Miner Helm1014g 90s 40c
34Shining Arawnite Chain Gloves1014g 90s 40c
34Rigid Roman Arms1014g 90s 40c
30Despoiled Sleeves1014g 90s 40c
34Legions Scaled Helm1014g 90s 40c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
34Lustrous Algae Covered Coral Helm6393g 89s 52c
33lustrous Sturdy great hammer1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Heatbender osnadurtha hauberk1522g 35s 60c
30lustrous Edgebender battle spear1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Spiritbender battle spear1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Insightful war scythe1522g 35s 60c
31lustrous Thrustbender hooked spear1522g 35s 60c
35Veil-Bound Scythe1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Fortifying osnadurtha hauberk1522g 35s 60c
35Petrified Hardwood Scythe1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Bluntbender osnadurtha hauberk1522g 35s 60c
30Scythe of Driving Rain1522g 35s 60c
31lustrous Spiritbender hooked spear1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Fortifying large round shield1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Mighty battle spear1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Bodybender war scythe1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Energybender tower shield1522g 35s 60c
31Siog's Might1420g 86s 56c
36Smoldering Scale Gloves1217g 88s 48c
31Smiter1116g 39s 44c
33lustrous Mighty mace1014g 90s 40c
33lustrous Fortifying osnadurtha sleeves1014g 90s 40c
32lustrous Thrustbender osnadurtha cap1014g 90s 40c
33lustrous Icebender mistletoe spiked wreath1014g 90s 40c
33lustrous Edgebender osnadurtha cap1014g 90s 40c
33lustrous Fortifying kite shield1014g 90s 40c
32lustrous Glib long sword1014g 90s 40c
32lustrous Edgebender pick hammer1014g 90s 40c
34lustrous Mighty rapier1014g 90s 40c
33lustrous Energybender heater shield1014g 90s 40c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
30Shining Sleeves of the Dauntless2841g 73s 12c
30Sleeves of the Dauntless2841g 73s 12c
34Garou Axe2537g 26s
33Claw Forged Legs2435g 76s 96c
35Garou Sword1826g 82s 72c
32Skull-bone Hammer1826g 82s 72c
34lustrous Edgebender battle spear1522g 35s 60c
0lustrous Thrustbender hooked spear1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Energybender starkaskodd leggings1522g 35s 60c
31lustrous Bluntbender starkakedja leggings1522g 35s 60c
31lustrous Speedy great spiked hammer1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Heatbender starkakedja leggings1522g 35s 60c
32lustrous Energybender starkakedja hauberk1522g 35s 60c
0lustrous Matterbender battle axe1522g 35s 60c
34lustrous Fortifying dwarven great sword1522g 35s 60c
30lustrous Energybender war cleaver1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Fortifying battle axe1522g 35s 60c
30Garou Defender1522g 35s 60c
33lustrous Speedy hooked spear1522g 35s 60c
30Gauntlets of Stormrage1420g 86s 56c
32Sleeves of True Purpose1014g 90s 40c
34Growling Garou Warhammer1014g 90s 40c
33lustrous Fortifying starkaskodd helm1014g 90s 40c
30lustrous Mighty starkaskodd helm1014g 90s 40c
30lustrous Sturdy fang greave1014g 90s 40c
32lustrous Adroit bladed moon claw1014g 90s 40c
0lustrous Matterbender starkaskodd sleeves1014g 90s 40c
32lustrous Spiritbender kite shield1014g 90s 40c
35Lupine Axe913g 41s 36c
38Gnarling Lupine Axe913g 41s 36c

Mithril / Carbide metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
25Shadowhunter's Vest3332g 78s 88c
26Corpsecleaver3332g 78s 88c
25Breastplate of the Depths2726g 82s 72c
26Ancient Breastplate2726g 82s 72c
26Shadow-slinkers Blade2625g 83s 36c
25Shining Hunter's Leggings1918g 87s 84c
31Ancient Greaves1615g 89s 76c
28Fire-forged Pike1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Edgebender partisan1514g 90s 40c
26glowing Edgebender bardiche1514g 90s 40c
24Goblin Goldminer Leggings1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Mighty archmace1514g 90s 40c
29glowing Adroit poleaxe1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Adroit block shield1514g 90s 40c
26glowing Speedy partisan1514g 90s 40c
31Goblin-forged Plate Legs1514g 90s 40c
29Goblin Goldminer Hauberk1514g 90s 40c
27Rusted Moor Hauberk1514g 90s 40c
31Mithril Chain Leggings1413g 91s 4c
0Shining Hunter's Sleeves1312g 91s 68c
26Ancient Vambraces1110g 92s 96c
31Sleeves of Deflection1110g 92s 96c
29glowing Sturdy long sword109g 93s 60c
29Despoiled Gladius109g 93s 60c
29Goblin Goldminer Coif109g 93s 60c
25glowing Matterbender light war crown109g 93s 60c
24glowing Adroit heater shield109g 93s 60c
28Crypt Seeker Helm109g 93s 60c
29Goblin Goldminer Sleeves109g 93s 60c
28glowing Willful plated war crown109g 93s 60c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
27Etheric Bludgeoner3534g 77s 60c
26Waylayer Great Sword3332g 78s 88c
28Lustrous Spirit Searer3130g 80s 16c
26Deathly Vindicator3029g 80s 80c
30Puinesean Fang2625g 83s 36c
26Waylayer Spiked Mace2625g 83s 36c
31Smoldering Scale Sleeves2524g 84s
26Waylayer Shillelagh2221g 85s 92c
26Waylayer Hammer2019g 87s 20c
26Waylayer Rapier2019g 87s 20c
27Feelion Razor2019g 87s 20c
26Blackened Feelion Paw1716g 89s 12c
29Spritely Stiletto1716g 89s 12c
0glowing Bluntbender war scythe1514g 90s 40c
26Cruanach Crusher1514g 90s 40c
29glowing Fortifying great sword1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Bodybender hooked spear1514g 90s 40c
29glowing Adroit tower shield1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Energybender hooked spear1514g 90s 40c
25Imperial Great Shield1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Sturdy hooked spear1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Matterbender great falcata1514g 90s 40c
29glowing Mighty battle spear1514g 90s 40c
24glowing Matterbender war scythe1514g 90s 40c
27Luch Paw1413g 91s 4c
28glowing Energybender kite shield109g 93s 60c
28glowing Heatbender long sword109g 93s 60c
26Waylayer Dirk76g 95s 52c
28glowing Thrustbender rapier54g 96s 80c
26glowing Adroit short sword54g 96s 80c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
26Rager's Axe3332g 78s 88c
29Engraved Wolf Blade3231g 79s 52c
26Hammer of the Wildcrusher2625g 83s 36c
26Blunted Fire Cat Tooth2524g 84s
29Seared Axe2524g 84s
31Smoldering Leggings2423g 84s 64c
28Vendo Berzerker Axe2322g 85s 28c
26Razor-Edged Leg Bone2322g 85s 28c
26Hardened Stone Axe1817g 88s 48c
26Svart-alfar Forged Sword1716g 89s 12c
28glowing Thrustbender great hammer1514g 90s 40c
26glowing Matterbender battle spear1514g 90s 40c
24glowing Thrustbender tower shield1514g 90s 40c
29glowing Sturdy starkaskodd leggings1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Bluntbender battle spear1514g 90s 40c
26Serrated Bone Spear1514g 90s 40c
26glowing Mighty starkaskodd leggings1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Spiritbender great sword1514g 90s 40c
26glowing Bluntbender great sword1514g 90s 40c
29glowing Mighty hooked spear1514g 90s 40c
26glowing Speedy battle axe1514g 90s 40c
24glowing Edgebender hooked spear1514g 90s 40c
27glowing Edgebender starkakedja leggings1514g 90s 40c
0glowing Demolishing tower shield1514g 90s 40c
26glowing Icebender battle spear1514g 90s 40c
27glowing Bluntbender hooked spear1514g 90s 40c
28glowing Mighty battle spear1514g 90s 40c
0glowing Sturdy hooked spear1514g 90s 40c
24glowing Adroit great hammer1514g 90s 40c
27glowing Speedy starkakedja hauberk1514g 90s 40c

Fine alloy / Cobalt metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
21Vindicator's Breastplate6733g 28s 56c
21Vindicator's Helm3919g 37s 52c
21Keltoi Honed Halberd3115g 40s 8c
24Dark Sheer Great Sword2914g 40s 72c
24Dark Lucerne Hammer2813g 91s 4c
23Keen Dark Gladius2612g 91s 68c
21Dusk-walkers Hauberk2311g 42s 64c
21Lion Etched Sword2311g 42s 64c
20Hauberk of the Valiant2311g 42s 64c
21Forester's Boots2311g 42s 64c
23Shining Hunter's Helm199g 43s 92c
24Hunter's Broadsword178g 44s 56c
21Keltoi Defender178g 44s 56c
24shining Spiritbender great sword157g 45s 20c
24shining Speedy great hammer157g 45s 20c
21shining Energybender tower shield157g 45s 20c
24shining Fortifying block shield157g 45s 20c
24shining Adroit bardiche157g 45s 20c
23shining Edgebender lucerne hammer157g 45s 20c
21Dusk-walker's Coif146g 95s 52c
21Vindicator's Boots136g 45s 84c
26Forester's Jerkin115g 46s 48c
22shining Mighty heater shield104g 96s 80c
21Natures Charm104g 96s 80c
21Dusk-walker's Sleeves104g 96s 80c
23shining Thrustbender plate helm104g 96s 80c
24Animal Skin Shield104g 96s 80c
21Greater Drakoran Longsword104g 96s 80c
23Goblin Reaver104g 96s 80c
24shining Spiritbender guarded rapier104g 96s 80c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
24Coral Spear5326g 33s 4c
21Smoldering Scale Leggings3818g 87s 84c
25Worm Tipper2612g 91s 68c
24Dried Molded Scale Hauberk2311g 42s 64c
25Oaken Mallet209g 93s 60c
24Oaken Impaler178g 44s 56c
23Briar Club178g 44s 56c
21shining Icebender great sword157g 45s 20c
25Earth Crafted Shield157g 45s 20c
22shining Icebender block shield157g 45s 20c
21shining Sturdy sledge hammer157g 45s 20c
20shining Fortifying war scythe157g 45s 20c
21shining Mighty war scythe157g 45s 20c
20Scythe of the Field157g 45s 20c
21Shining Imperial Blade Cutter157g 45s 20c
20shining Speedy sledge hammer157g 45s 20c
20shining Bodybender sledge hammer157g 45s 20c
21shining Fortifying block shield157g 45s 20c
21shining Thrustbender great sword157g 45s 20c
21shining Crushing osnadurtha leggings157g 45s 20c
22Shining Dried Molded Scale Coif146g 95s 52c
24Hedge Chopper146g 95s 52c
22shining Heatbender sledge hammer146g 95s 52c
21Silver Blade125g 96s 16c
21Rock Dagger115g 46s 48c
26Shining Earthen Crafted Scale Coif104g 96s 80c
23Fathomless Deepscale Helm104g 96s 80c
21shining Speedy mistletoe spiked wreath104g 96s 80c
21shining Adroit mace104g 96s 80c
20shining Bluntbender pick hammer104g 96s 80c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
24Lava Forged Coif2411g 92s 32c
21Ancient Engraved Maul2210g 92s 96c
21Fiery Sword188g 94s 24c
24Vengeful Great Hammer157g 45s 20c
23shining Thrustbender tower shield157g 45s 20c
24Prickly Horsehair Tunic157g 45s 20c
21shining Matterbender great hammer157g 45s 20c
20shining Bodybender great hammer157g 45s 20c
24shining Sturdy block shield157g 45s 20c
0shining Spiritbender battle axe157g 45s 20c
23shining Speedy hooked spear157g 45s 20c
24shining Bluntbender tower shield157g 45s 20c
24Vengeful Great Sword157g 45s 20c
23shining Mighty battle spear157g 45s 20c
23Blighted Chain Hauberk157g 45s 20c
24shining Bodybender large round shield157g 45s 20c
24Accursed Great Hammer157g 45s 20c
24Woeful Chain Leggings157g 45s 20c
24Woeful Chain Hauberk157g 45s 20c
23shining Icebender tower shield157g 45s 20c
21shining Bluntbender battle spear157g 45s 20c
23Cinder Encrusted Spear125g 96s 16c
23Vengeful Moon Fang104g 96s 80c
24Prickly Horsehair Helm104g 96s 80c
26Woeful Chain Sleeves104g 96s 80c
20shining Thrustbender starkaskodd sleeves104g 96s 80c
23Putrescent Helm104g 96s 80c
24Prickly Horsehair Sleeves104g 96s 80c
20Bone-handled Claw104g 96s 80c
21shining Adroit fang greave104g 96s 80c

Alloy / Dolomite metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
17Ghoul Knight Breastplate457g 45s 20c
17Ghoul Knight Leggings274g 47s 12c
16Skullcracker274g 47s 12c
18Ruined Roman Hauberk233g 80s 88c
16Spear of the Legions203g 31s 20c
15Spirit Spun Helm203g 31s 20c
17Ghoul Knight Arms182g 98s 8c
16Golden Inlaid Sword172g 81s 52c
16Jeweled Rapier172g 81s 52c
19bright Thrustbender war pick152g 48s 40c
19bright Mighty great hammer152g 48s 40c
17Night's Edge Axe152g 48s 40c
18Ruined Roman Leggings142g 31s 84c
19Night's Edge Pike121g 98s 72c
20Decorated Roman Stiletto111g 82s 16c
17bright Speedy heater shield101g 65s 60c
19Holy Shadow Star101g 65s 60c
19Warden's Sword91g 49s 4c
18Ruined Roman Sleeves91g 49s 4c
20Decorated Roman Dagger71g 15s 92c
17Endearment Dagger71g 15s 92c
16Spirit Spun Boots699s 36c
17Alloy Long Animal Fang582s 80c
19bright Edgebender stiletto582s 80c
18bright Energybender short sword582s 80c
19bright Bluntbender plate gauntlets582s 80c
19bright Fortifying short sword582s 80c
15Underling Priest Protector582s 80c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
15Smoldering Scale Hauberk6410g 59s 84c
17Splendid Scale Hauberk416g 78s 96c
19Grisly Great Sword335g 46s 48c
19Silver Rune Hammer294g 80s 24c
16Gold Embossed Mace264g 30s 56c
16Finely Crafted Spear264g 30s 56c
16Long Thorned Tree Knot254g 14s
17Splendid Scale Leggings243g 97s 44c
19Etched Bone Broadsword172g 81s 52c
16Adorned Stiletto172g 81s 52c
17Splendid Scale Sleeves162g 64s 96c
15Worn Dark Guardian Armor152g 48s 40c
20Rusted Scythe152g 48s 40c
20Scythe of the Harvest152g 48s 40c
16Bloodstone Studded Falcata142g 31s 84c
16Fire Hardened Irewood Spear121g 98s 72c
16Adorned Stilletto582s 80c
16Gold Embossed Shield466s 24c
15Worn Dark Guardian Gloves466s 24c
16Shield of the Decadent349s 68c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
17Blodsnitt294g 80s 24c
16Traitors Bane284g 63s 68c
20Tjen og Adlyd233g 80s 88c
16Forgotten Svartalf Sword182g 98s 8c
19Noble Supple Leggins152g 48s 40c
15Vest of the Shadowed Earth152g 48s 40c
16Traitor's Bane152g 48s 40c
20Bone-handled Trident152g 48s 40c
19Bone-handle Great Axe152g 48s 40c
12Blazing Boots142g 31s 84c
17Lashed Web Legs142g 31s 84c
17Lashed Web Helm142g 31s 84c
16Wolftooth Studded Jerkin111g 82s 16c
19Noble Supple Jerkin111g 82s 16c
15Lashed Web Sleeves91g 49s 4c
19Noble Supple Helm71g 15s 92c
16Pillager's Gauntlets699s 36c
20Noble Wanderer's Axe582s 80c
20Woeful Chain Boots582s 80c
19Noble Supple Sleeves466s 24c
17Lashed Web Gloves466s 24c
20Pitted Noble Wanderer's Axe349s 68c
19Noble Supple Boots233s 12c
16Wolftooth Studded Boots233s 12c

Steel / Quartz metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
12Preserved Studded Vest331g 82s 16c
11Bright Preserved Studded Vest331g 82s 16c
13Blade of Etheric Mist281g 54s 56c
13Leggings of the Forlorn241g 32s 48c
13Mithrian Longsword231g 26s 96c
12Ancient Red Steel Hauberk231g 26s 96c
15Leaper Gut Rapier201g 10s 40c
13Preserved Studded Helm191g 4s 88c
12Ogre Forged Slicer1793s 84c
13Hammer of the Plains1477s 28c
13Preserved Studded Sleeves1371s 76c
14Mithrian Barbed Pike1266s 24c
12Roman Short Sword949s 68c
12Footman's Chain Sleeves949s 68c
13Battleworn Gladius949s 68c
12Shimmering Etheric Helm738s 64c
12Faded Leggings738s 64c
13Preserved Studded Gauntlets633s 12c
13Preserved Studded Boots633s 12c
13Silvered Blade of Etheric Mist527s 60c
12Fasrif's Dismal Day527s 60c
13Roman Shield527s 60c
12Silvered Drakescale Gauntlets527s 60c
12Footman's Chain Gauntlets422s 8c
12Faded Sleeves422s 8c
12Arm-bone Scepter422s 8c
13Stinging Gauche422s 8c
12Faded Boots422s 8c
13Footman's Kite Shield422s 8c
12Footman's Chain Boots422s 8c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
10Scythe of Smarting1582s 80c
12Imbued Boots738s 64c
11Silvered Anger Sprite Dirk527s 60c
25Petrified Wizened Oak Shield527s 60c
12Richly Designed Kite Shield316s 56c
0Richly Designed Round Shield316s 56c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
14Brittle-bone Great Axe331g 82s 16c
14Blodjeger Hammer311g 71s 12c
13Bright Brittle-Bone Bastard Sword291g 60s 8c
11Vendo Flesh-flayer291g 60s 8c
13Miscreant's Helm261g 43s 52c
12Bright Miscreant's Leggings241g 32s 48c
13Golden Swathcutter231g 26s 96c
12War Rager's Axe191g 4s 88c
13Hammer of Atonement191g 4s 88c
13Bright Brittle-bone War Axe1899s 36c
11Vendo Bone-splitter1899s 36c
13Malefic Studded Jerkin1688s 32c
12Bright Miscreant's Sleeves1582s 80c
14Bright Bittle-bone Trident1582s 80c
11Edbrottsjo Leggings1477s 28c
16Blazing Gauntlets1477s 28c
14Blodsverd1266s 24c
9Jagged Bone Jerkin1160s 72c
10Vendo Bone Studded Jerkin1160s 72c
13Bright Miscreant's Gloves844s 16c
10Jagged Bone Helm738s 64c
9Jagged Bone Leggings738s 64c
12Blodjeger Leggings738s 64c
11Blod Flekket Sleeves633s 12c
14Smoldering Ember Gloves527s 60c
10Fang of Skill527s 60c
13Mauler Claw Boots422s 8c
9Vendo Bone Studded Sleeves422s 8c
13Malefic Studded Gloves316s 56c
12Shield of the Forest Spirit316s 56c

Iron / Ferrite metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
7Great Iron Sword2940s 2c
10Hammer of Smiting2635s 88c
7Raiders Blade2331s 74c
10Gem Studded Long Sword2331s 74c
7Spined Fish-sticker2027s 60c
8Spirit Wrought Legs1520s 70c
9Silvered Preserved Studded Vest1520s 70c
7Old Headsman's Axe1520s 70c
8Spirit Wrought Vest1520s 70c
10Silvered Hammer of Smiting1013s 80c
10Gem Studded Dagger79s 66c
8Spirit Wrought Gauntlets56s 90c
6Silvered Old Iron Dagger56s 90c
6Hammer of the Otherworld56s 90c
8Spirit Wrought Boots56s 90c
5Silvered Sharp Snake Fang56s 90c
8Old Banded Shield34s 14c
5Pitted Iron Tower Shield34s 14c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
8Blackthorn Club4055s 20c
7Well-balanced Great Sword3041s 40c
7Spine-breaker2534s 50c
10Pelt Punch1723s 46c
6Imbued Sleeves1520s 70c
7Well-balanced Celtic Spear1216s 56c
9Imbued Gloves79s 66c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
7Pillager's Vest3345s 54c
8Iron Skull Axe2838s 64c
7Treecutter2534s 50c
0Tomte Chain Hauberk2331s 74c
8Iron Skull Hammer2230s 36c
6Brendig's Kneebiter2027s 60c
10Tomte War Axe1824s 84c
10Valorbound Spear1824s 84c
10Tomte Chain Leggings1419s 32c
7Pillager's Sleeves1317s 94c
7Tomte Studded Jerkin1115s 18c
10Tomte Chain Sleeves912s 42c
7Old Smithy Hammer912s 42c
7Gleaming Axe912s 42c
7Tomte Studded Helm79s 66c
9Tomte Studded Sleeves45s 52c
9Tomte Chain Gloves45s 52c
10Edbrottsjo Shield45s 52c
10Tomte Round Shield34s 14c
9Tomte Studded Gauntlets22s 76c
9Tomte Studded Boots22s 76c

Bronze / Copper metal bars

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
3Bark Shield584s 64c
4Fencer's Rapier231s 84c
1pitted bronze short sword1080c
3tattered bronze legs864c
22Goblin Defender540c
3tattered bronze arms324c
4pitted bronze great sword324c
3tattered bronze helm324c
3tattered bronze boots216c
1pitted bronze dagger18c
5pitted sharp claw18c
2pitted bronze broadsword18c
2pitted bronze hand axe18c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
4Wavy Piercer241s 92c
4Granite Longsword211s 68c
4Thorny Club151s 20c
6Resilient Oak Shield540c
3pitted stiletto18c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
4Wood Choppers Axe816s 48c
4Bone Studded Jerkin473s 76c
4Hobgoblin Hammer372s 96c
4Kobold Forged Sword372s 96c
4Bronze Wood Choppers Axe1080c