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Cloth can only be trinketed with thread. You will still make a profit if you buy the thread from an NPC merchant (buy 1 thread unit for every 2 cloth units you have). The Trinket Value includes a deduction for the cost of thread.

Alternatively you can craft 99/100% quality armor sets from the seamist and nightshade tiers and sell it for people who wants battleground equipment, despite the higher loss on sellback, the sell value of the 99/100% and faster than hinging, this is a worthwhile alternative.

Silksteel cloth square


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
51shimmering Bodybender quilted pants5474g 79s 54c
49Luminous Mystic Robes of Entrancement5373g 41s 3c
49Luminous Mystic Robes of Bedazzlement5373g 41s 3c
49luminous Speedy quilted cap3649g 86s 36c
49luminous Mighty quilted gloves1824g 93s 18c
46luminous Speedy quilted boots1824g 93s 18c


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
46luminous Lightbender woven robe5474g 79s 54c
47luminous Adroit woven pants5373g 41s 3c
49luminous Fortifying woven pants5373g 41s 3c
47luminous Icebender woven sleeves3649g 86s 36c
45luminous Mighty woven cap3649g 86s 36c
47luminous Matterbender woven sleeves3649g 86s 36c
46luminous Fortifying woven boots1824g 93s 18c
47luminous Fortifying woven gloves1824g 93s 18c


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
46luminous Adroit padded sleeves3649g 86s 36c
46luminous Mighty padded gloves1824g 93s 18c

Wyvernskin cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
42Luminous Pants of Impassioned Atrocity5449g 87s 44c
40luminous Edgebender quilted sleeves3633g 24s 96c
40luminous Mighty quilted cap3532g 32s 60c
41luminous Thrustbender quilted gloves1816g 62s 48c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
47luminous Fortifying woven vest5449g 87s 44c
43luminous Heatbender woven robe5449g 87s 44c
40luminous Energybender woven vest5449g 87s 44c
47luminous Spiritbender woven robe5348g 95s 8c
41luminous Speedy woven vest5348g 95s 8c
42luminous Insightful woven robe4642g 48s 56c
40luminous Speedy woven sleeves3633g 24s 96c
47luminous Fortifying woven wreath3633g 24s 96c
42luminous Speedy woven cap3633g 24s 96c
40luminous Bodybender woven sleeves3633g 24s 96c
42luminous Adroit woven wreath3633g 24s 96c
41luminous Matterbender woven cap3633g 24s 96c
42luminous Bluntbender woven boots1816g 62s 48c
42luminous Bodybender woven gloves1816g 62s 48c
40luminous Matterbender woven gloves1816g 62s 48c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
41luminous Speedy padded pants5449g 87s 44c
41luminous Fortifying padded vest5348g 95s 8c
41luminous Fortifying padded cap3633g 24s 96c
42luminous Matterbender padded sleeves3633g 24s 96c
42luminous Spiritbender padded gloves1816g 62s 48c

Nightshade cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
46Ancient Ebony Vest9256g 63s 52c
41Woven Spirit Vest9256g 63s 52c
41Vest of Delusional Power6137g 55s 16c
41Woven Elemental Cap5533g 85s 80c
41Woven Spirit Cap5533g 85s 80c
45Shimmering Ancient Ebony Cap5533g 85s 80c
41Woven Spirit Pants5533g 85s 80c
41Woven Elemental Pants5533g 85s 80c
47Ancient Ebony Pants5533g 85s 80c
36Robes of the Unjust5433g 24s 24c
45Pants of the Severed Soul5433g 24s 24c
49Cursed Malcontent's Pants5433g 24s 24c
45Vest of the Severed Soul5433g 24s 24c
37Rustic Robe5332g 62s 68c
42Luminous Vest of Impassioned Atrocity5332g 62s 68c
44Stonepin Woven Vest5332g 62s 68c
36Pants of the Unjust5332g 62s 68c
41Faded Robes of the Risen4930g 16s 44c
41Robes of the Risen4930g 16s 44c
41Faded Vest of the Risen4125g 23s 96c
37Vest of the Risen4125g 23s 96c
44Ancient Ebony Sleeves3722g 77s 72c
41Woven Elemental Sleeves3722g 77s 72c
41Woven Spirit Sleeves3722g 77s 72c
41Cap of Delusional Power3722g 77s 72c
36Rustic Cap3622g 16s 16c
35brilliant Bluntbender quilted cap3622g 16s 16c
36Rustic Clerk Cap3622g 16s 16c
38brilliant Insightful quilted sleeves3622g 16s 16c
42Helm of Impassioned Atrocity3622g 16s 16c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
41Glowing Darkened Spirit Robe5533g 85s 80c
35Brilliant Spider Keeper's Pants5433g 24s 24c
39Worn Jewel Dusted Pants5433g 24s 24c
49Gossamer Seolc Vest5433g 24s 24c
44Jewel Dusted Robe5433g 24s 24c
36brilliant Mighty woven vest5433g 24s 24c
45Shimmering Ghostly Truesilver Vest5433g 24s 24c
37Ceremonial Robe5332g 62s 68c
35brilliant Energybender woven vest5332g 62s 68c
46Luminous Odyllic Pants5332g 62s 68c
41Luminous Sun-Bleached Leggings5332g 62s 68c
39brilliant Insightful woven vest5332g 62s 68c
37brilliant Sturdy woven vest5332g 62s 68c
41Luminous Sun-Bleached Vest5332g 62s 68c
44Shimmering Ghostly Truesilver Robe5332g 62s 68c
41Glowing Darkened Spirit Vest4125g 23s 96c
45Odyllic Cap3722g 77s 72c
35Bright Deamhan Circlet of Agility3622g 16s 16c
48Shimmering Unseelie Loyalist Cap3622g 16s 16c
36Worn Jewel Dusted Cap3622g 16s 16c
39brilliant Sturdy woven wreath3622g 16s 16c
41Tattered Darkened Spirit Sleeves3622g 16s 16c
37brilliant Icebender woven sleeves3622g 16s 16c
37Edgebender Woven Sleeves3622g 16s 16c
35brilliant Insightful woven wreath3622g 16s 16c
36brilliant Spiritbender woven sleeves3622g 16s 16c
42Sun-Bleached Cap3622g 16s 16c
39Shimmering Hardened Cloth Vest2817g 23s 68c
41Glowing Darkened Spirit Pants2414g 77s 44c
36Glowing Darkened Spirit Cap2414g 77s 44c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
38Enkindled Vest5433g 24s 24c
50Wulfen Crescent Pants5433g 24s 24c
35Brilliant Ageless Luminary Pants5433g 24s 24c
39Silvered Faded Silksteel Pants5433g 24s 24c
35brilliant Fortifying padded vest5332g 62s 68c
42Luminous Widow's Silk Vest5332g 62s 68c
38Enkindled Pants5332g 62s 68c
37Lustrous Supple Frog Skin Vest4125g 23s 96c
43Pious Hagbui Cap3622g 16s 16c
36brilliant Mighty padded cap3622g 16s 16c
35Brilliant Ageless Luminary Cap3622g 16s 16c
38Enkindled Sleeves3622g 16s 16c
50Ancient Bloodbound Sleeves3622g 16s 16c
38Enkindled Cap3622g 16s 16c
35Brilliant Ageless Luminary Sleeves2716g 62s 12c
39Lustrous Muddied Frog Skin Cap2515g 39s
40Lustrous Supple Frog Skin Pants2414g 77s 44c
41Woven Silksteel Cap2213g 54s 32c
46Cap of Twilight2213g 54s 32c
41Faded Silksteel Cap2213g 54s 32c
46Pants of Twilight2112g 92s 76c
51Wulfen Crescent Gloves1811g 8s 8c
38Enkindled Boots1811g 8s 8c
39Brilliant Ageless Luminary Gloves1811g 8s 8c
38Enkindled Gloves1811g 8s 8c
49Ancient Bloodbound Boots1811g 8s 8c
38Muddied Frogskin Gloves1811g 8s 8c
51Wulfen Crescent Boots1811g 8s 8c
35Brilliant Ageless Luminary Boots169g 84s 96c
41Woven Silksteel Sleeves159g 23s 40c

Seamist cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
33Aqueous Vest5422g 16s 16c
33Aqueous Pants5422g 16s 16c
32Pants of Lethean5321g 75s 12c
30lustrous Speedy quilted robe5321g 75s 12c
34lustrous Edgebender quilted cap3614g 77s 44c
32Helm of Lethean3614g 77s 44c
32Aqueous Cap3614g 77s 44c
36Glittering Arcanite Vest2711g 8s 8c
33Aqueous Gloves187g 38s 72c
33Aqueous Boots187g 38s 72c
34lustrous Insightful quilted boots187g 38s 72c
36Glittering Arcanite Cap166g 56s 64c
33Tattered Moldy Goblin Robe124g 92s 48c
36Glittering Arcanite Gloves52g 5s 20c
30Tattered Moldy Goblin Cap52g 5s 20c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
33lustrous Energybender woven vest5422g 16s 16c
33lustrous Edgebender woven robe5422g 16s 16c
32Vest of Waking Dreams5422g 16s 16c
33lustrous Edgebender woven pants5422g 16s 16c
30Ambusher Pants5321g 75s 12c
32lustrous Icebender woven vest5321g 75s 12c
30Pants of Waking Dreams5321g 75s 12c
29Robes of Regalia5321g 75s 12c
0lustrous Speedy woven vest5321g 75s 12c
30Vest of Walking Dreams5321g 75s 12c
38Eluvium Vest4116g 82s 64c
32Cap of Waking Dreams3614g 77s 44c
31lustrous Energybender woven sleeves3614g 77s 44c
34lustrous Mighty woven wreath3614g 77s 44c
33lustrous Bodybender woven sleeves3614g 77s 44c
37Eluvium Pants249g 84s 96c
32lustrous Energybender woven boots187g 38s 72c
30lustrous Energybender woven gloves187g 38s 72c
30Dreamwalker's Gloves187g 38s 72c
30lustrous Sturdy woven gloves187g 38s 72c
36Eluvium Gloves83g 28s 32c
34Eluvium Boots83g 28s 32c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
32Itchy Burlap Vest5422g 16s 16c
32Itchy Burlap Pants5321g 75s 12c
30Rune Embroidered Tunic4116g 82s 64c
30Itchy Burlap Sleeves3614g 77s 44c
34Lupine Lunatic Sleeves3614g 77s 44c
36Lupine Lunatic Cap3614g 77s 44c
33lustrous Bodybender padded cap3614g 77s 44c
35Lupine Lunatic Vest3413g 95s 36c
37Lupine Lunatic Pants249g 84s 96c
30Cap of the wizened Dead249g 84s 96c
31Cap of the Wisened Dead249g 84s 96c
32Grizzled Bear Fur Pants249g 84s 96c
39Lupine Lunatic Boots187g 38s 72c
34Lupine Lunatic Gloves187g 38s 72c
30Itchy Burlap Gloves187g 38s 72c
33Grizzled Bear Fur Gloves83g 28s 32c

Sylvan cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
29glowing Spiritbender quilted robe5414g 77s 44c
28glowing Bodybender quilted vest5414g 77s 44c
25Spellhurler's Vest4111g 21s 76c
27Smoldering Robes4111g 21s 76c
27Netherworldly Robes4111g 21s 76c
26glowing Spiritbender quilted crown369g 84s 96c
29glowing Edgebender quilted crown369g 84s 96c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
27Mad Reaper's Robe5414g 77s 44c
29De'velyn's Fine Robes5414g 77s 44c
25glowing Bodybender woven pants5314g 50s 8c
28glowing Voidbender woven sleeves369g 84s 96c
27Mad Cap369g 84s 96c
25Sturdy Woven Cap226g 1s 92c
30Deamhan Circlet of Speed61g 64s 16c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
25Acorn Cap246g 56s 64c
25Crusty Fur Cap246g 56s 64c
28glowing Bluntbender padded gloves184g 92s 48c
25Crusty Fur Sleeves164g 37s 76c
26Bark Edged Boots82g 18s 88c
24Leaf-Embossed Gloves82g 18s 88c
25Crusty Fur Gloves82g 18s 88c
25Crusty Fur Boots82g 18s 88c

Gossamer cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
21Trickster Robe547g 38s 72c
21Muryan Robe547g 38s 72c
21shining Mighty quilted pants537g 25s 4c
24Insurgent's Vest415g 60s 88c
21Ruined Muryan Cap364g 92s 48c
24Pain Delved Helm364g 92s 48c
20Leggings of the Resolute243g 28s 32c
24Insurgent's Cap243g 28s 32c
20Deathrune Robes223g 96c
24Hob Hunter Gloves182g 46s 24c
24Insurgent's Sleeves162g 18s 88c
24Insurgent's Gloves81g 9s 44c
20Vest of the Resolute454s 72c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
24Woven Hedge Weed Robe557g 52s 40c
25Earthen Woven Root Vest547g 38s 72c
20shining Fortifying woven robe537g 25s 4c
22shining Energybender woven wreath364g 92s 48c
24Crystalline Shard Cap364g 92s 48c
22Elven Gossamer Cap364g 92s 48c
24Woven Hedge Weed Cap243g 28s 32c
25Earthen Woven Root Cap243g 28s 32c
20shining Mighty woven boots182g 46s 24c
23Damp Shell Flecked Gloves182g 46s 24c
25Earthen Woven Root Sleeves162g 18s 88c
22Woven Hedge Weed Sleeves162g 18s 88c
22Dried Root Woven Gloves81g 9s 44c
20Woven Hedge Weed Boots81g 9s 44c
30Earthen Woven Root Boots81g 9s 44c
24Woven Hedge Weed Gloves81g 9s 44c
25Earthen Woven Root Gloves81g 9s 44c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
22shining Spiritbender padded vest547g 38s 72c
21Moldy Tombdweller Sleeves364g 92s 48c
23Bright Cured Boots of the Malignant182g 46s 24c
21Moldy Summoner Gloves182g 46s 24c
20Fire Petal Sleeves162g 18s 88c
20Soot Encrusted Gloves81g 9s 44c
20Soot Encrusted Boots81g 9s 44c
20Gold Stitched Boots568s 40c

Silk cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
18bright Sturdy quilted gloves1882s 8c
19bright Icebender quilted boots1882s 8c
15Resilient Sleeves1672s 96c
15Resilient Gloves836s 48c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
20Shadowsilk Vest542g 46s 24c
15Woven Crafter's Vest442g 64c
15Regal Woven Vest411g 86s 96c
15Woven Crafter's Pants331g 50s 48c
15Robes of the Arcane Order331g 50s 48c
15Regal Woven Cap241g 9s 44c
15Regal Woven Pants241g 9s 44c
20Shadowsilk Gloves1882s 8c
15Regal Woven Sleeves1672s 96c
15Woven Crafter's Boots1150s 16c
15Woven Crafter's Gloves1150s 16c
15Regal Woven Boots836s 48c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
15Gold Stitched Tunic552g 50s 80c
15Vind Kalte Pant542g 46s 24c
18Moldy Tombdweller Pants542g 46s 24c
44Widow's Silk Pants532g 41s 68c
15Vind Kalte Vest411g 86s 96c
16Blackened Crystal Sleeves361g 64s 16c
15Undertakers's Sleeves361g 64s 16c
13Gold Stitched Pants331g 50s 48c
15Undertakers's Gloves1882s 8c
15Vind Kalte Sleeves1672s 96c

Brocade cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
10Ancient Mithrian Cloth Vest4162s 32c
14Nightbled Helm3654s 72c
14Robe of the Lost3654s 72c
12Ancient Mithrian Cloth Boots812s 16c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
41Fine Brocade Pants5482s 8c
13Starspun Robe5380s 56c
42Fine Brocade Sleeves3654s 72c
13Starspun Cap3654s 72c
42Fine Brocade Cap3654s 72c
13Riven Silk Cap2436s 48c
41Fine Brocade Slippers1827s 36c
13Hard Wooden Shoes1827s 36c
10Riven Silk Gloves812s 16c
10Old Silk Boots812s 16c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
13Blackened Crystal Boots1827s 36c
10Water Stained Boots812s 16c

Linen cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
6Silvered Mildewed Tunic5320s 14c
5Mildewed Tunic4416s 72c
12Aged Mithrian Cloth Pants249s 12c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
6Sturdy Woven Vest3714s 6c
13Sturdy Woven Pants228s 36c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
5Thickened Cloth Tunic4115s 58c
5Thickened Cloth Boots3312s 54c
8Tomte Padded Vest2710s 26c
5Tomte Padded Cap249s 12c
5Sleeves of the Wanderer166s 8c
8Tomte Padded Boots83s 4c
5Boots of the Wanderer83s 4c

Wool cloth square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value