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Leather trinketed alone will give a very small profit. It is better if you trinket it along with metal that you salvaged. You must buy metal and thread from an NPC merchant. The Trinket Value includes a deduction for the cost of the metal and thread.

Tempered leather square


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
50shimmering Icebender leather leggings3673g 48s 32c
47luminous Fortifying leather robe3673g 48s 32c
46luminous Matterbender leather jerkin3673g 48s 32c
45luminous Adroit leather leggings3673g 48s 32c
47luminous Speedy leather robe3469g 40s 8c
51shimmering Edgebender leather helm2448g 98s 88c
49luminous Willful suede crown2448g 98s 88c
50Dura'ek's Leather Gloves1224g 49s 44c
51shimmering Energybender leather gloves1224g 49s 44c
45luminous Edgebender leather boots1224g 49s 44c


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
49luminous Energybender cruaigh jerkin3673g 48s 32c
47luminous Shadowwalker cruaigh helm2448g 98s 88c
49luminous Lancenator suede wreath2448g 98s 88c
51shimmering Mighty cruaigh boots1224g 49s 44c
48luminous Fortifying cruaigh gloves1224g 49s 44c
48luminous Thrustbender cruaigh boots1224g 49s 44c


LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
46luminous Bluntbender starklaedar sleeves2448g 98s 88c

Eldritch leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
40luminous Bodybender leather jerkin3648g 99s 96c
42luminous Thrustbender leather robe3648g 99s 96c
42luminous Icebender suede crown2432g 66s 64c
44luminous Thrustbender leather helm2432g 66s 64c
42luminous Mighty suede circlet2432g 66s 64c
42luminous Icebender leather gloves1216g 33s 32c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
43luminous Mighty cruaigh leggings3648g 99s 96c
41luminous Spiritbender cruaigh leggings3648g 99s 96c
0luminous Whirling cruaigh jerkin3648g 99s 96c
40luminous Fortifying cruaigh jerkin3648g 99s 96c
40luminous Speedy suede wreath2432g 66s 64c
40luminous Mighty cruaigh helm2432g 66s 64c
43luminous Adroit suede wreath2432g 66s 64c
40luminous Speedy cruaigh sleeves2432g 66s 64c
40luminous Heatbender cruaigh helm2432g 66s 64c
43luminous Fortifying cruaigh sleeves2432g 66s 64c
41luminous Bluntbender cruaigh sleeves2432g 66s 64c
42luminous Mighty cruaigh sleeves2432g 66s 64c
41luminous Spiritbender cruaigh gloves1216g 33s 32c
46luminous Speedy cruaigh gloves1216g 33s 32c
41luminous Attuned cruaigh boots1216g 33s 32c
42luminous Attuned cruaigh gloves1216g 33s 32c
41luminous Speedy cruaigh boots1216g 33s 32c
40luminous Adroit cruaigh gloves1216g 33s 32c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
44luminous Adroit starklaedar leggings3648g 99s 96c
41luminous Mighty starklaedar leggings3648g 99s 96c
41luminous Thrustbender starklaedar sleeves2432g 66s 64c
40luminous Venomous suede circlet2432g 66s 64c
46luminous Mighty starklaedar boots1216g 33s 32c

Runed leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
47Shimmering Jerkin of Ghostly Light115104g 32s 80c
41Robes of Celerity114103g 42s 8c
45Shimmering Helm of the Ghostly Light6962g 59s 68c
47Helm of the Ghostly Light6962g 59s 68c
47Shimmering Sleeves of Ghostly Light4641g 73s 12c
41Luminous Sable Jerkin of Dementia3834g 47s 36c
35Softened Bark Frock3632g 65s 92c
50Magmas Imbued Leggings3632g 65s 92c
46Restless Robes3632g 65s 92c
35brilliant Edgebender leather jerkin3632g 65s 92c
49Danaoin Nightwatcher Leggings3632g 65s 92c
35brilliant Bodybender leather leggings3632g 65s 92c
50Jerkin of Opposition3531g 75s 20c
41Bounder Fur Leggings3027g 21s 60c
41Bounder Fur Helmet3027g 21s 60c
48Helm of Opposition2421g 77s 28c
38Stained Boogey Helm2421g 77s 28c
35Softened Bark Sleeves2421g 77s 28c
35Softened Bark Helmet2421g 77s 28c
49Danaoin Nightwatcher Sleeves2421g 77s 28c
50Magmas Imbued Sleeves2421g 77s 28c
45Shimmering Boots of Ghostly Light2320g 86s 56c
46Shimmering Gloves of Ghostly Light2320g 86s 56c
41Sable Helm of Dementia2320g 86s 56c
41Bounder Fur Sleeves2018g 14s 40c
41Faded Jerkin of the Dejected1816g 32s 96c
41Jerkin of the Dejected1816g 32s 96c
41Robes of the Dejected1715g 42s 24c
44Luminous Sable Robes of Dementia1715g 42s 24c
44Shimmering Robes of Ghostly Light1715g 42s 24c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
50Midnight Marauder Jerkin9687g 9s 12c
42Shimmering Ghostly Truesilver Leggings5348g 8s 16c
40Jeweled Rigid Jerkin3632g 65s 92c
40Brilliant Glowing Guile Leggings3632g 65s 92c
37brilliant Energybender cruaigh leggings3632g 65s 92c
0brilliant Attuned cruaigh jerkin3632g 65s 92c
0brilliant Whirling cruaigh leggings3632g 65s 92c
43Icebender Constaic Jerkin3632g 65s 92c
38Brilliant Glowing Guile Jerkin3632g 65s 92c
41Furtive Cavedweller Jerkin2522g 68s
39Brilliant Glowing Guile Helm2421g 77s 28c
35brilliant Edgebender cruaigh sleeves2421g 77s 28c
40Jeweled Rigid Helm2421g 77s 28c
36brilliant Speedy cruaigh helm2421g 77s 28c
50Midnight Marauder Sleeves2421g 77s 28c
39brilliant Spiritbender cruaigh sleeves2421g 77s 28c
39brilliant Edgebender suede wreath2421g 77s 28c
38Glowing Guile Sleeves2421g 77s 28c
35brilliant Attuned cruaigh helm2421g 77s 28c
37Worn Jewel Pierced Sleeves2421g 77s 28c
36brilliant Thrustbender cruaigh sleeves2421g 77s 28c
37Brilliant Silk Gatherer's Jerkin2320g 86s 56c
41Turbid Waters Jerkin1816g 32s 96c
41Furtive Cavedweller Helm1513g 60s 80c
41Furtive Cavedweller Leggings1513g 60s 80c
41Cath Jerkin1513g 60s 80c
33Silk Gatherer's Leggings1412g 70s 8c
39brilliant Glib cruaigh gloves1210g 88s 64c
38brilliant Razored cruaigh boots1210g 88s 64c
41Brilliant Glowing Guile Boots1210g 88s 64c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
41Runed Hollow Clay Jerkin7769g 85s 44c
48Luminous Emerald Moonshone Jerkin5751g 71s 4c
41Braided Darksteel Jerkin4641g 73s 12c
46Emerald Moonshine Leggings3632g 65s 92c
36brilliant Mighty starklaedar leggings3632g 65s 92c
49Timorous Drakulv Ebon Leggings3632g 65s 92c
45Emerald Moonshone Leggings3430g 84s 48c
41Runed Hollow Clay Sleeves3027g 21s 60c
46Webbed Shadow Helm2825g 40s 16c
41Braided Silksteel Leggings2825g 40s 16c
45Runed Hollow Clay Helm2421g 77s 28c
47Brilliant Bandit King's Crown2421g 77s 28c
37brilliant Matterbender starklaedar helm2421g 77s 28c
41Dextrous Hagbui Helmet2421g 77s 28c
36brilliant Adroit starklaedar sleeves2421g 77s 28c
50Timorous Drakulv Ebon Gloves2320g 86s 56c
41Forge Tender's Tunic1816g 32s 96c
41Braided Silksteel Sleeves1816g 32s 96c
41Braided Darksteel Sleeves1816g 32s 96c
41Runed Hollow Clay Gloves1513g 60s 80c
36Faded Silksteel Bound Leggings1412g 70s 8c
36Faded Silksteel Bound Helm1412g 70s 8c
36Faded Silksteel Bound Sleeves98g 16s 48c
41Braided Silksteel Boots98g 16s 48c
36Faded Silksteel Bound Gloves43g 62s 88c
36Faded Silksteel Bound Boots43g 62s 88c

Imbued leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
30lustrous Thrustbender leather leggings3621g 77s 28c
35Deluged Kelp Jerkin3621g 77s 28c
35Deluged Kelp Leggings3621g 77s 28c
34Goblinskin Jerkin3621g 77s 28c
30Spiderweave Leggings3018g 14s 40c
33lustrous Thrustbender leather helm2414g 51s 52c
35Deluged Kelp Sleeves2414g 51s 52c
34lustrous Sturdy suede crown2414g 51s 52c
35Goblinskin Helm2414g 51s 52c
30lustrous Edgebender leather sleeves2414g 51s 52c
35Deluged Kelp Gloves127g 25s 76c
0lustrous Bluntbender leather gloves127g 25s 76c
48Magmas Imbued Gloves127g 25s 76c
35Deluged Kelp Boots127g 25s 76c
35Deluged Kelp Helm116g 65s 28c
34Tattered Spiderweave Jerkin53g 2s 40c
30Tattered Glowing Spiderweave Pants31g 81s 44c
30Tattered Spiderweave Leggings31g 81s 44c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
32lustrous Bluntbender cruaigh leggings3621g 77s 28c
48Imbued Unseelie Jerkin3621g 77s 28c
34lustrous Fortifying cruaigh jerkin3621g 77s 28c
45Shimmering Imbued Unseelie Leggings3621g 77s 28c
33lustrous Bodybender cruaigh jerkin3621g 77s 28c
32lustrous Icebender cruaigh leggings3621g 77s 28c
30Shining Worn Dark Shadow Jerkin3621g 77s 28c
33lustrous Fortifying cruaigh sleeves2414g 51s 52c
47Imbued Unseelie Helm2414g 51s 52c
47Imbued Unseelie Gloves127g 25s 76c
34lustrous Fortifying cruaigh gloves127g 25s 76c
46Shimmering Imbued Unseelie Boots127g 25s 76c
34lustrous Icebender cruaigh boots127g 25s 76c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
34Feral Wulf Jerkin3621g 77s 28c
36Feral Wulf Leggings3621g 77s 28c
37Feral Wulf Sleeves2414g 51s 52c
36Feral Wulf Cap2414g 51s 52c
30lustrous Bodybender starklaedar boots127g 25s 76c
38Feral Wulf Gloves127g 25s 76c
30Gloves of Precision106g 4s 80c
34Feral Wulf Boots53g 2s 40c

Embossed leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
26glowing Sturdy leather leggings3614g 51s 52c
28Ghastly Mendicant Frock3614g 51s 52c
28glowing Energybender leather leggings3614g 51s 52c
34Molded Leather Breastplate3614g 51s 52c
28Ghost Robes3614g 51s 52c
30Molded Leather Greaves3614g 51s 52c
28glowing Spiritbender leather sleeves249g 67s 68c
31Molded Leather Helm249g 67s 68c
28Ghastly Mendicant Helmet249g 67s 68c
32Molded Leather Armplates249g 67s 68c
29Ghastly Mendicant Sleeves249g 67s 68c
28Ghastly Mendicant Gloves124g 83s 84c
33Molded Leather Boots124g 83s 84c
33Molded Leather Gloves124g 83s 84c
29Ghastly Mendicant Boots124g 83s 84c
31Tattered Moldy Goblin Helm52g 1s 60c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
25glowing Spiritbender cruaigh jerkin3614g 51s 52c
29glowing Mighty leather robe3614g 51s 52c
28glowing Mighty cruaigh leggings3614g 51s 52c
25glowing Sturdy cruaigh sleeves249g 67s 68c
29glowing Attuned cruaigh sleeves249g 67s 68c
28glowing Fortifying cruaigh gloves124g 83s 84c
28glowing Speedy cruaigh boots124g 83s 84c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
28Wolf Fur Jerkin5120g 56s 32c
29glowing Spiritbender starklaedar leggings3614g 51s 52c
0Wolf Fur Leggings249g 67s 68c
29Wolf Fur Sleeves156g 4s 80c
31Wolf Skull Helm156g 4s 80c
29glowing Speedy starklaedar gloves124g 83s 84c
25glowing Edgebender starklaedar boots124g 83s 84c
27glowing Spiritbender starklaedar boots124g 83s 84c
25Wolf Fur Boots104g 3s 20c
28Cave Lurker's Boots52g 1s 60c

Rigid leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
20Rigid Roman Helm244g 83s 84c
24Observer's Jerkin183g 62s 88c
24Observer's Helm112g 21s 76c
24Observer's Leggings112g 21s 76c
21Bloodied Leather Boots51g 80c
21Bloodied Leather Sleeves480s 64c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
21shining Bodybender cruaigh leggings367g 25s 76c
30Helm of Shadow Melding285g 64s 48c
21shining Sturdy suede wreath244g 83s 84c
23shining Mighty suede wreath244g 83s 84c
21shining Edgebender cruaigh helm244g 83s 84c
21shining Bodybender cruaigh helm244g 83s 84c
27Earth Crafted Molded Helm153g 2s 40c
43Jeweled Rigid Phantom Gloves122g 41s 92c
24Dried Molded Sleeves71g 41s 12c
26Luminescent Gloves360s 48c
26Luminescent Boots360s 48c
24Dried Molded Gloves360s 48c
21Dried Molded Boots360s 48c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
21shining Mighty starklaedar jerkin367g 25s 76c
25Flayed Hagbui Leggings367g 25s 76c
24Flayed Hagbui Jerkin367g 25s 76c
20Blackened Leather Jerkin367g 25s 76c
22Fire Charred Jerkin255g 4s
23Flayed Hagbui Helm244g 83s 84c
24Flayed Hagbui Sleeves244g 83s 84c
20shining Spiritbender starklaedar boots122g 41s 92c
25Flayed Hagbui Boots122g 41s 92c
26Flayed Hagbui Gloves122g 41s 92c
22Muddied Hide Leggings112g 21s 76c
22Muddied Hide Helm112g 21s 76c
22Flame Charred Sleeves102g 1s 60c
22Muddied Hide Gloves360s 48c
23Muddied Hide Boots360s 48c

Hard leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
17bright Icebender leather robe362g 41s 92c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
15Noble's Leather Jerkin251g 68s
36Brillant Silk Gatherer's Sleeves241g 61s 28c
15Siabrian Gloves181g 20s 96c
17Noble's Leather Helm151g 80c
17Noble's Leather Sleeves1067s 20c
15Boots of Agile Movement960s 48c
17Noble's Leather Gloves533s 60c
17Noble's Leather Boots533s 60c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
16Blodbror Leggings1173s 92c
16Blodbror Boots320s 16c

Cured leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
12Musty Leather Jerkin511g 14s 24c
12Musty Leather Gloves1022s 40c
12Hard Leather Boots12s 24c
12Hard Leather Vest12s 24c
12Hard Leather Gloves12s 24c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
12Macabre Leather Jerkin1840s 32c
11Macabre Leather Helm1124s 64c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
12Bright Mephitic Leather Sleeves1022s 40c
10Decaying Gloves36s 72c

Tanned leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
7Pilfered Jerkin5128s 56c
7Pilfered Leather Leggings2212s 32c
9Forest Runner's Boots126s 72c
5Roman leather leggings116s 16c
8Cracked Leather Boots105s 60c
5Roman leather boots31s 68c
5Tattered Wolf Hide Leggings156c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
9Patched Hide Helm3016s 80c
6Leggings of the Deft2815s 68c
9Patched Hide Sleeves2011s 20c
9Sleeves of Might1810s 8c
9Patched Hide Tunic1810s 8c
9Patched Hide Gloves105s 60c
9Patched Hide Boots105s 60c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
7Oiled Leather Leggings4424s 64c
9Tomte Leather Jerkin2514s
7Tomte Leather Helm158s 40c
7Tomte Leather Sleeves95s 4c
7Fishgutter's Gloves73s 92c
7Tomte Leather Boots52s 80c

Rawhide leather square

LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
6Supple Hide Jerkin731s 46c
2tattered rawhide leather jerkin12c
2tattered rawhide leather sleeves12c
2tattered rawhide leather boots12c
2tattered rawhide leather helm12c
2tattered rawhide leather leggings12c
2tattered rawhide leather gloves12c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
2tattered rawhide brea jerkin918c
2tattered rawhide brea boots12c
2tattered rawhide brea gloves12c
2tattered rawhide brea helm12c
2tattered rawhide brea sleeves12c
2tattered rawhide brea leggings12c
LevelItem nameSalvageTrinket value
2tattered rawhide mjuklaedar gloves12c
3tattered rawhide mjuklaedar helm12c
3tattered rawhide mjuklaedar boots12c
3tattered rawhide mjuklaedar jerkin12c