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Experience items (Alb)

Minimum levelExperience item name
21Grim Scraps
22Bwgan Hunter Eye
23Bucca Silver Mirror
25Afanc Hatchling Tongue
27Blood Red Berry Wine
28Faerie Frog Eye
29Dried Monk Skull
30Forgotten Silver Jasper Locket
31Gem of the Despoiled
33Dunter Head
35Decorative Arrows
36Giant Lizard Sinew
37Peallaidh Hide
38Enchanted Metal Studs
39Danaoin Poison
40Danaoin Fishing Fly
41Ever-burning Ember
41Pictish Warrior Ring
41Ghoulic Viper Fang
41Bloody Cyclops Eye
41Ancient Granite Stone
41Unused Arrowheads
42Pristine She-wolf Pelt
46Sleeping Kitten
49Cyhraeth Cloak

Experience items (Hib)

Minimum levelExperience item name
21Cracked Dark Heart
21Copper Moonstone Flagon
24Streaming Wisp Husk
26Siabra Waylayer Sash
28Darkened Terror Claw
29Squabbler Eye
32Glowing Red Eye
33Red Cruach Wings
36Gold Lined Drinking Horn
37Phaeghoul Red Hand
38Grovewood Bark
39medicinal herbs
40Vial of Moss Juice
40Long White Boar Tusk
40Spirit Catcher Stone
40Vial of Deamhan Breath
41Glimmering Gem
41Alp Luachra Head
41Morass Leech Blood
46Pastry Puff
48Spectral Essence
49Fine Bear Pelt

Experience items (Mid)

Minimum levelExperience item name
21Warm Fire Ant Larva
22warm tree sap
22Warm Tree Sap
23Scroll of Eternal Sorrow
24Wood Rat Tail
25Polished Piece of Obsidian
26Melted Ghoul Flesh
28White Wolf Fang
28white wolf fang
29Biting Wind Eye
30Mud Frog Tongue
31Vial of Ice Water
32Sack of Grain
33Giant Snow Crab Claw
33Ice Water
34Lost Pearl
35Mud Crab Claw
36Black Orm Gland
37Ice Cold Giant Blood
38Terra Crab Claw
39Ice Creature Corpse
40Frozen Teardrop
40Forest Viper Venom
40Magic Clay
41Drakulv Scales
41Drakulv Scale
41Vial of Shimmering Essence
41Iceberg Tooth
43Frosted Grimel Root
45Svartalf Poison Recipe
49Trip String