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Zone: Camelot Hills

A total of 4048 monsters were killed here in Camelot Hills and that resulted in a total of 396 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.78%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Aithne Con1011neutral40not enough data0 %
adder78neutral850weak enemy0 %4s 4c
Borwyr the Cursed1313aggressive1315not enough data7.69 %2s 12c
bandit55aggressive21049hard opponent23.33 %67c
bandit henchman1010aggressive16415easy prey15.85 %3s 32c
bandit leader1313aggressive1119not enough data9.09 %8s 32c
bandit lieutenant910aggressive796easy prey20.25 %1s 65c
bandit thaumaturge910aggressive575easy prey17.54 %7s 26c
bear89neutral372easy prey0 %6s 54c
black dog1010aggressive20not enough data0 %1s
black wolf33neutral223equal opponent0 %31c
black wolf pup11neutral50not enough data0 %20c
boar piglet22neutral70not enough data0 %23c
bogman55aggressive10not enough data0 %32c
boulderling910aggressive428120bring a group16.36 %3s 6c
brownie12aggressive1617easy prey21.12 %28c
brownie grassrunner77aggressive11not enough data0 %94c
brownie nomad89aggressive3212bring a group18.75 %4s 31c
brownie rover1313aggressive10not enough data0 %
bullyboy66aggressive10not enough data0 %45c
Cilydd Difwych1112aggressive90not enough data0 %
Cronker1213neutral80not enough data12.5 %
Cyfwlch Difwych1212aggressive80not enough data0 %75c
convert guard910aggressive120not enough data0 %
cutpurse44aggressive3013bring a group20 %9s 69c
Daffyd Difwych1212neutral91not enough data0 %
Dwarven Priest910aggressive70not enough data0 %
decayed zombie44aggressive10619hard opponent7.55 %26c
devout filidh88neutral30not enough data0 %1s 9c
disturbed presence1515aggressive10not enough data0 %
dragon ant drone89neutral2416Boss-like0 %75c
dragon ant queen1010aggressive20not enough data0 %2s 75c
dragon ant soldier78neutral381weak enemy0 %1s 17c
dragon ant worker55neutral70not enough data0 %44c
dwarf brawler34aggressive40not enough data25 %86c
dwarf pillager44aggressive20not enough data0 %13c
earth spirit55friendly20not enough data0 %
emerald snake55neutral2420weak enemy9.09 %1s 83c
Fielath1313aggressive80not enough data0 %
fading spirit88aggressive41not enough data0 %70c
faerie bell-wether55aggressive371weak enemy0 %91c
faerie mischief-maker33aggressive581weak enemy13.79 %63c
faerie wolf-crier44aggressive340weak enemy0 %61c
filidh78neutral5116bring a group0 %1s 12c
forest snake33neutral20not enough data0 %22c
Gwulin99neutral71not enough data0 %
giant frog44neutral450weak enemy0 %33c
grass snake55neutral20not enough data0 %
gray wolf44neutral163not enough data0 %17c
gray wolf pup11aggressive316hard opponent0 %15c
grumoz demon1111aggressive162not enough data0 %1s 18c
Hugrath Wormly89aggressive204not enough data10 %1s 28c
Lady Leana67aggressive30not enough data33.33 %11s 14c
large ant11neutral150not enough data0 %19c
large skeleton56aggressive10145bring a group8.91 %18c
Mostram99aggressive101not enough data0 %
Mulgrut Maggot67aggressive196not enough data5.26 %34c
manes demon78aggressive655easy prey23.08 %2s 99c
plague spider11neutral350weak enemy0 %22c
poacher44aggressive110not enough data9.09 %70c
pseudo basilisk141410not enough data0 %2s 50c
puny skeleton11aggressive1609easy prey8.75 %27c
putrid zombie44aggressive365equal opponent11.11 %39c
red adder1112aggressive70not enough data0 %2s 3c
red lion33neutral50not enough data0 %13c
river drake hatchling33neutral290weak enemy0 %32c
river drakeling55aggressive447hard opponent0 %40c
river goblin55aggressive521weak enemy0 %16c
river sprite67aggressive7127bring a group16.9 %3s 39c
river spriteling34aggressive10413equal opponent5.77 %43c
rotting zombie66aggressive662weak enemy9.09 %39c
Sephucoth78aggressive1915not enough data0 %
Shale1112neutral134not enough data7.69 %
Slith77neutral10not enough data0 %63c
skeleton22aggressive503easy prey8 %34c
slave1212neutral10not enough data0 %
slaver1313aggressive10not enough data100 %49s 68c
small bear44neutral507equal opponent0 %27c
small gray wolf33neutral41not enough data0 %6c
small snake11neutral350weak enemy0 %11c
snake34neutral412easy prey0 %31c
spirit67aggressive3916bring a group10.26 %4s 27c
spirit hound01neutral251easy prey0 %13c
spriggarn23aggressive14313easy prey12.59 %36c
spriggarn elder33aggressive373easy prey13.51 %32c
swamp rat44neutral10not enough data0 %
Throatripper55aggressive10not enough data0 %25c
tomb raider digger1214aggressive50not enough data0 %20c
tomb raider scout1414aggressive10not enough data0 %1s
undead druid89aggressive1670weak enemy7.78 %2s 77c
undead filidh67aggressive1520weak enemy2.63 %1s 1c
Weakened demon66aggressive50not enough data60 %35c
Wilbur66neutral10not enough data0 %
wandering spirit1212aggressive10not enough data0 %
wild boar1112aggressive41not enough data0 %69c
wild mare1010neutral30not enough data0 %
wild sow22neutral383easy prey0 %29c
Ygwrch Gyrg78aggressive51not enough data0 %
young boar77aggressive5019bring a group0 %57c
young cutpurse33aggressive212easy prey28.57 %16s 98c
young poacher33aggressive421weak enemy9.52 %52c
zombie boar55aggressive401weak enemy0 %34c
zombie farmer88aggressive150not enough data20 %1s 86c
zombie servant1111friendly10not enough data0 %
zombie sow44aggressive362easy prey0 %30c
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