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Zone: Salisbury Plains

A total of 6257 monsters were killed here in Salisbury Plains and that resulted in a total of 873 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 13.95%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
aged basilisk2020aggressive740weak enemy0 %5s 10c
Berik Liglim2626aggressive510weak enemy0 %
Brother Jarrel161610not enough data0 %
bandit55aggressive10not enough data0 %34c
bandit henchman910aggressive554easy prey12.73 %1s 45c
bandit leader1213aggressive91not enough data11.11 %9s 96c
bandit lieutenant99aggressive30not enough data33.33 %3s 94c
bandit thaumaturge910aggressive421weak enemy14.29 %5s 6c
basilisk1617aggressive9736bring a group2.06 %4s 8c
bear88neutral10not enough data0 %44c
black dog1010aggressive180not enough data11.11 %2s 19c
brown bear1617aggressive20not enough data0 %3s 25c
brownie grassrunner88aggressive162not enough data12.5 %72c
brownie nomad910aggressive222easy prey18.18 %8s 81c
brownie rover1213aggressive7322bring a group24.66 %7s 31c
Celain Eirich3638aggressive70not enough data0 %
Cynewulf the Ghostwalker1920aggressive60not enough data0 %
carrion drake99neutral152not enough data0 %85c
cart horse1212neutral60not enough data0 %
devout filidh1010aggressive60not enough data0 %50c
disturbed presence1314aggressive1192weak enemy7.56 %6s 80c
druid1920aggressive321weak enemy0 %7s 50c
druid disenchanter2021aggressive291weak enemy0 %
druid sacrificer2121aggressive151not enough data13.33 %30s 4c
druid seer2021aggressive120not enough data16.67 %11s 61c
druidic spirit2122aggressive584easy prey0 %
escaped bandit1819aggressive730weak enemy4.11 %9s 92c
escaped bandit leader1919aggressive200not enough data10 %18s 80c
fading spirit77aggressive113not enough data9.09 %3s 79c
faerie frog2929aggressive1430weak enemy6.29 %20s 91c
filidh89aggressive202not enough data0 %67c
filidh sacrificer1011aggressive100not enough data0 %60c
Ghostwalker's Apprentice1111neutral40not enough data0 %
Grunk2323aggressive40not enough data0 %
Grurk2121aggressive30not enough data0 %
giant skeleton2729aggressive2640weak enemy10.61 %52s 30c
grass snake55neutral10not enough data0 %
green ghast1313aggressive410weak enemy9.76 %4s 85c
grove nymph1216neutral35255hard opponent11.93 %16s 19c
Halena Edulan1616neutral20not enough data0 %
huge boar1819aggressive668equal opponent0 %8s 30c
Kedalinde Teanidd99aggressive30not enough data0 %
Lonry Aetheoc1314aggressive91not enough data0 %
mercenary tomb raider2627aggressive5654weak enemy8.85 %
Oldest2323aggressive40not enough data25 %11s 88c
pseudo basilisk1414aggressive8329bring a group0 %1s 49c
red adder1111aggressive566equal opponent0 %2s 8c
river racer78neutral80not enough data0 %98c
Salisbury giant1819aggressive21914easy prey10.05 %6s 30c
Slave Master Cottrel2020neutral100not enough data0 %1s 97c
Slythcur1313aggressive52not enough data0 %25c
skeletal centurion2223aggressive16110easy prey10.56 %14s 2c
skeletal legionair1920aggressive260weak enemy0 %
skeletal legionnaire1920aggressive1885weak enemy10.64 %17s 36c
slave1212neutral733easy prey9.59 %72c
slave master1415aggressive522weak enemy9.62 %1s 28c
slave master bodyguard1516aggressive12029hard opponent0 %
slaver1314aggressive704easy prey15.71 %3s 94c
spirit66aggressive10not enough data0 %22c
spriggarn ambusher1516aggressive27111easy prey26.94 %9s 2c
spriggarn howler1617aggressive1112weak enemy11.71 %53s 57c
spriggarn waylayer1415aggressive2426weak enemy6.2 %3s 22c
Tuka1919aggressive30not enough data0 %
tomb raider1617aggressive85674easy prey32.48 %30s 94c
tomb raider commander1819aggressive12621hard opponent10.32 %7s 19c
tomb raider digger1113neutral39424easy prey17.26 %3s 42c
tomb raider scout1314aggressive23869bring a group23.11 %8s 21c
undead druid1013aggressive90not enough data11.11 %21s 29c
undead filidh88aggressive10not enough data0 %1s 28c
undead mercenary lieutenant2122aggressive330weak enemy0 %
Veviel1616aggressive262easy prey3.85 %4s 35c
White Horse1818aggressive100not enough data0 %1s 73c
wandering spirit1212aggressive703easy prey22.86 %16s 45c
wild boar1111aggressive6626bring a group0 %65c
wild mare910aggressive241easy prey0 %
wild stallion1010aggressive272easy prey0 %
wind mephit1415aggressive30879bring a group19.81 %12s 80c
young brown bear1313aggressive50not enough data0 %1s 95c
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