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Zone: Cursed Tomb

A total of 3258 monsters were killed here in Cursed Tomb and that resulted in a total of 323 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 9.91%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
bevard2525aggressive140not enough data71.43 %1g 6s 46c
cave crab2022neutral1371weak enemy0 %
cave spider1010aggressive10not enough data0 %
corpse crawler2223aggressive1593weak enemy6.29 %35s 83c
cursed mora2425aggressive1724weak enemy8.72 %29s 56c
cursed mora dancer2526aggressive750weak enemy0 %4s 78c
cursed mora weeper2526aggressive380weak enemy0 %
cursed spirit2021aggressive2376weak enemy14.35 %25s 10c
dishonored hagbui2425aggressive4992weak enemy9.82 %36s 44c
draugr commander2526aggressive381weak enemy7.89 %2s 28c
draugr hound2424aggressive225hard opponent0 %10c
draugr warrior2223aggressive40957equal opponent11.25 %43s 56c
dread lichess2627aggressive240easy prey0 %
dungeon chitin2324aggressive371weak enemy2.7 %10s 56c
dungeon crab2323neutral61not enough data0 %
Haggert2728aggressive800weak enemy7.5 %44s 71c
lost spirit1920neutral180not enough data0 %
mad rat2223aggressive599hard opponent0 %
Rotting corpse2425aggressive300weak enemy16.67 %3s 26c
roaming corpse2021aggressive1682weak enemy14.88 %21s 96c
Tomb Priestess2324neutral246bring a group0 %
Troika2324aggressive360weak enemy58.33 %85s 68c
tomb sentry2021aggressive45310weak enemy9.71 %27s 8c
trapped thrall2021aggressive45710weak enemy11.16 %18s 77c
vengeful ghoul2425aggressive373easy prey8.11 %1s 78c
way keeper2121aggressive280weak enemy0 %
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