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Zone: Dartmoor

A total of 18188 monsters were killed here in Dartmoor and that resulted in a total of 5081 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 27.94%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Agidad5151aggressive160not enough data56.25 %7g 82s 47c
Borimo5252aggressive311weak enemy51.61 %4g 32s 69c
Brac4343aggressive411weak enemy43.9 %3g 20s 52c
Braen4646aggressive390weak enemy46.15 %1g 43s 31c
Brannoc4848friendly130not enough data46.15 %85s 98c
Clud4446aggressive1290weak enemy50.39 %4g 84s 65c
Clywd4848aggressive150not enough data46.67 %8g 94s 24c
cyclops353510not enough data0 %
Dartmoor pony3336neutral62540easy prey0 %42s 24c
Dura'ek the Empowered5353aggressive2402weak enemy131.67 %10g 11s 11c
draconic ancilla5050neutral10not enough data0 %
dry'ak avowry5557aggressive2120Boss-like0 %
earthlord404140not enough data0 %
Galand4444friendly210easy prey42.86 %4g 66s 10c
Golestandt6767aggressive24832Boss-like10675 %45g 29s 81c
Grimbuld5151aggressive121not enough data50 %8g 43s 21c
granite giant3739aggressive4463173weak enemy10.62 %1g 22s 85c
granite giant earthmagi5658aggressive1247Boss-like8.33 %
granite giant elder4958aggressive12359bring a group17.89 %7s 45c
granite giant gatherer4044aggressive4035208easy prey12.09 %2g 70s 4c
granite giant herdsman4143aggressive1389141equal opponent9.14 %2g 91s 80c
granite giant outlooker4852aggressive93542easy prey14.12 %3g 49s 20c
granite giant pounder4652aggressive1030171hard opponent10.97 %4g 65s 4c
granite giant reinforcer5356aggressive1752Boss-like17.65 %
granite giant stonebreaker4950aggressive310weak enemy0 %52s 22c
granite giant stonecaller4648aggressive136664easy prey10.98 %1g 46s 9c
granite giant stonelord4753aggressive179127Boss-like14.53 %2g 51s 89c
granite giant stonemender5154aggressive934Boss-like0 %
granite giant stoneshaper4951aggressive96360easy prey12.46 %2g 15s 44c
granite knocker4445aggressive660weak enemy0 %
greater earth spirit4246friendly60not enough data0 %
greenhorn poacher2627aggressive232easy prey0 %1s 90c
Kaq5252friendly284equal opponent46.43 %3g 59s 29c
Keh4949aggressive190not enough data42.11 %10g 82s 50c
Kez5252friendly451weak enemy42.22 %2g 60s 82c
Kor4647aggressive550weak enemy47.27 %6g 66s 8c
Kul4546friendly420weak enemy42.86 %3g 19s 37c
Legil5353aggressive281weak enemy42.86 %7g 34s 56c
Moran the Mighty6566aggressive330weak enemy166.67 %12g 65s 8c
Nodin5050aggressive261weak enemy26.92 %2g 94s 9c
Penn4950friendly210easy prey33.33 %2g 12s 46c
Pladimon5252friendly130not enough data53.85 %27g 57s 48c
ravenclan giant5254aggressive40not enough data25 %37g 44s 63c
ruthless brigand4243aggressive99518weak enemy9.85 %15s 93c
Soulfear5252aggressive10not enough data0 %
Stonecrush demolisher5053friendly6910equal opponent0 %54s 78c
Stonecrush excavator4548friendly50842easy prey8.86 %2g 36s 48c
Stonecrush rockgrinder4951friendly29611weak enemy11.15 %28s 13c
stonecrush demolisher5556friendly12not enough data0 %
stonecrush rockgrinder4854friendly211easy prey0 %
supreme earth spirit444410not enough data0 %
Tegbuk4545aggressive110not enough data0 %
Tolukin5353aggressive320weak enemy46.88 %1g 39s 73c
Trahern5152friendly580weak enemy44.83 %10g 99s 69c
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