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Zone: Muspelheim

A total of 7427 monsters were killed here in Muspelheim and that resulted in a total of 911 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 12.27%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Armard2727aggressive90not enough data0 %24s 17c
ashen spirit2121aggressive80not enough data0 %4s
ashmonger2324aggressive3530weak enemy12.18 %56s 67c
Brika2525aggressive70not enough data0 %
Brimstone2525aggressive60not enough data0 %13s 75c
burnt skeletal sentry2122aggressive2771weak enemy3.61 %95s 34c
Coal2525aggressive30not enough data0 %
Cui2828aggressive80not enough data0 %21s 25c
charred skeletal command2626aggressive670weak enemy0 %
charred skeletal commander2626aggressive330weak enemy9.09 %2g 35s 35c
charred skeletal warrior2325aggressive3735weak enemy11.26 %1g 70s 38c
cinder drake2728aggressive547equal opponent0 %15s 78c
Duneyr3233aggressive180not enough data0 %24s 86c
dverge crackler2829aggressive341weak enemy8.82 %53s 87c
dverge houndsman2727aggressive220easy prey0 %
dverge igniter2627aggressive241easy prey12.5 %1g 89s 67c
dverge smith2829aggressive220easy prey0 %42s 69c
dverge sparker2425aggressive510weak enemy13.73 %2g 9s 19c
Eld2323aggressive160not enough data6.25 %1g 73s 68c
Ember3030aggressive120not enough data0 %30s 71c
fire ant gatherer2223aggressive1390weak enemy8.63 %25s 90c
fire ant scavenger2121aggressive550weak enemy5.45 %10s 10c
fire ant worker2223aggressive471weak enemy12.77 %51s 8c
fire flower2022aggressive4053weak enemy9.63 %27s 49c
fire giant guard3434aggressive100not enough data10 %1g 17s 83c
fire giant lookout2727aggressive270weak enemy14.81 %3g 12s 34c
fire giant scout2829aggressive423easy prey11.9 %1g 82s 43c
fire giant watchman3233aggressive80not enough data0 %25s 6c
fire phantom2525aggressive240easy prey4.17 %1g 64s 40c
fire toad2727neutral320weak enemy0 %12s 10c
firecat2526aggressive723easy prey11.11 %1g 56s 20c
flaming raukomaz3030aggressive1201weak enemy10.83 %61s 11c
Gokstad1617neutral50not enough data0 %
Gokstorm2526aggressive250easy prey0 %26s 60c
Hrodrek2526neutral70not enough data0 %9s 96c
Konung Botolf Redhands2323aggressive10not enough data0 %
Lord Fire3131aggressive210easy prey0 %31s 74c
lava lizard2222neutral280weak enemy0 %14s 40c
lava monster2828aggressive50not enough data0 %
maghemoth2930aggressive260weak enemy0 %
magmatasm3031aggressive380weak enemy0 %1s 5c
mephitic ghoul2829aggressive72316weak enemy17.98 %2g 89s 19c
nocuous hound2930aggressive740weak enemy0 %29s 21c
noxious hound2425aggressive1091weak enemy0 %16s 4c
Olash2425aggressive30not enough data0 %4s
plasmatasm2425friendly410weak enemy7.32 %1g 44s 99c
pyrophantom2830aggressive250easy prey0 %22s
pyrotasm3334aggressive5221weak enemy11.88 %3g 16s 83c
Seer of Ancient Dawning2828aggressive50not enough data20 %8g 55s 12c
Sentry Incin2222aggressive90not enough data11.11 %
Shade of Gunnar2627aggressive410weak enemy0 %18s 81c
Sinyr3131aggressive100not enough data0 %21s 25c
Spirit of Flames2929neutral210easy prey0 %
Strykel2627aggressive51not enough data0 %
Sulphine2424neutral250easy prey0 %14s 75c
seared skeleton2829aggressive260439weak enemy17.28 %2g 68s 15c
skeletal sprengja2626aggressive10not enough data0 %17s 75c
soot harvester2121aggressive4888weak enemy11.68 %25s 75c
sulphur crab2122aggressive370weak enemy8.11 %11s 91c
sulphuric ghoul2223aggressive330weak enemy0 %11s 29c
vapor wraith2930aggressive220easy prey0 %
Young Wyrm Lord2929aggressive120not enough data0 %12s 13c
young fire wyrm2527aggressive830weak enemy0 %6s 67c
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