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Zone: Treibh Caillte

A total of 5705 monsters were killed here in Treibh Caillte and that resulted in a total of 653 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 11.45%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
arachnid3637aggressive1910weak enemy0 %
arachnite3132aggressive230easy prey13.04 %18s 74c
Banghaisgidheach3535aggressive10not enough data0 %25s 25c
Ceracor4243neutral70not enough data0 %
Dreaded Ursine4546neutral60not enough data0 %
Driff Tinel4041neutral80not enough data0 %
earth golem3839aggressive2190weak enemy11.87 %3g 98s 12c
Helminth3839aggressive370weak enemy0 %7s 30c
Hursk the Alchemist4445aggressive70not enough data0 %
King Vian3940aggressive430weak enemy18.6 %3g 96s 49c
lair overseer3637aggressive706easy prey18.57 %4g 38s 50c
lair worm3235neutral31711weak enemy0 %6s 83c
merucha3132neutral237bring a group0 %18s 77c
Pericolias the dreaded4344neutral72not enough data0 %
Rockgolem3536neutral1248easy prey0 %
rock golem3537neutral121725weak enemy9.53 %2g 15s 18c
Scurry3435aggressive130not enough data0 %7s 79c
scragger3233aggressive39021easy prey10.26 %22s 39c
Thorg3939aggressive321weak enemy9.38 %
troglodyte3637aggressive4404weak enemy10.91 %96s 38c
ursine dweller3537aggressive8540weak enemy21.19 %5g 22s 54c
ursine patrol3537aggressive6690weak enemy12.26 %1g 79s 83c
ursine shaman3738aggressive1050weak enemy20 %5g 81s 60c
ursine sorcerer3839aggressive1650weak enemy21.21 %4g 50s 76c
ursine thrall3235aggressive3960weak enemy9.85 %
ursine warrior3738aggressive3120weak enemy10.9 %2g 11s 1c
Webweaver3940aggressive291weak enemy13.79 %
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