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Zone: Stonehenge Barrows

A total of 19267 monsters were killed here in Stonehenge Barrows and that resulted in a total of 2089 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 10.84%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Albino Grugner4545aggressive390weak enemy12.82 %
barrow wight4345aggressive2664weak enemy17.29 %5g 60s 30c
cave hound3738aggressive1092weak enemy8.26 %1g 97s 37c
celtic lich5152aggressive750weak enemy16 %8g 71s 71c
celtic sepulchre chieftain5253aggressive2252weak enemy10.22 %4g 68s 67c
celtic sepulchre warrior4748aggressive15309weak enemy8.69 %7g 26s 21c
creeping ooze4243neutral420weak enemy23.81 %9g 33s 21c
dark fire4243aggressive1809easy prey13.33 %2g 40s 78c
decayed barbarian4043aggressive2655weak enemy0 %36s 8c
decayed barbarian chieftain4546aggressive210easy prey9.52 %2g 5s 82c
decaying tomb raider3637aggressive1634weak enemy11.04 %2g 13s 42c
deep goblin4243aggressive1420weak enemy14.79 %4g 73s 63c
deep goblin blighter4444aggressive2313weak enemy24.24 %12g 20s 34c
diseased rat3839aggressive591weak enemy10.17 %58s 22c
echo of life4142aggressive1610weak enemy8.7 %2g 63s 17c
ectoplasm4142aggressive3140weak enemy9.55 %1g 33s 41c
fallen warrior4044aggressive5087weak enemy12.99 %3g 22s 26c
fiery fiend4243neutral12415equal opponent3.23 %7s 39c
ghoulic viper4041aggressive15910easy prey11.95 %1g 57s 9c
glowing goo3637neutral860weak enemy11.63 %1g 76s 45c
grave goblin3940aggressive1091weak enemy11.01 %81s 31c
grave goblin crueler4042aggressive211easy prey0 %
grave goblin shaman3739aggressive1470weak enemy7.48 %1g 8s 31c
grave goblin whelp2932aggressive2710weak enemy9.96 %49s 71c
High Priestess Ywera4848aggressive240easy prey16.67 %2g 81s 88c
kings wight5052aggressive391weak enemy10.26 %5g 35s 34c
lifeblighter4949aggressive1186easy prey12.71 %2g 40s 49c
Mikolas4344aggressive330weak enemy18.18 %3g 87s 62c
malefic phantom4748aggressive160611weak enemy10.09 %7g 20s 83c
marrow leech3739aggressive783weak enemy14.1 %58s 82c
megalith wight4647aggressive140521weak enemy9.25 %6g 70c
megalithic terror5052aggressive4195weak enemy8.83 %4g 86s 79c
ossuary guardian4850aggressive6080weak enemy9.38 %8g 36s 35c
Priestess of Purity4245aggressive101not enough data0 %
pendragon ardent4849aggressive3960weak enemy10.86 %7g 99s 24c
pendrake4950aggressive6201weak enemy12.26 %15g 64s 47c
petrified grovewood4344neutral1891weak enemy8.47 %7g 60s 32c
phantom4748aggressive600weak enemy0 %
reanimated foe3738aggressive1754weak enemy7.43 %3g 26s 68c
redbone skeleton3838aggressive1483weak enemy12.16 %2g 23c
repentant follower3739aggressive55627easy prey10.07 %2g 27s 81c
Shade of Ambrosius Aurelianus5151aggressive175not enough data5.88 %2g 89s 32c
Shade of Uther Pendragon5353aggressive7610equal opponent9.21 %6g 10s 86c
sacrificial soul4344aggressive2764weak enemy22.46 %8g 29s 90c
saxonbone skeleton4042aggressive1371weak enemy13.87 %2g 4s 29c
scaled fiend4243aggressive1504weak enemy5.33 %6g 90s 56c
skeletal druid4445aggressive3822weak enemy19.9 %7g 22s 96c
skeletal druidess4445aggressive1400weak enemy17.14 %5g 76s 94c
skeletal high priestess4647aggressive630weak enemy7.94 %3g 44s 67c
soul harvester4142aggressive14514easy prey7.59 %1g 34s 83c
spectral essence4748aggressive16492weak enemy9.88 %7g 81s 77c
spectral wizard4748aggressive2685weak enemy5.6 %3g 77s 64c
spiritual advisor4849aggressive40811weak enemy9.07 %3g 53s 5c
stone sentinel5051aggressive10272weak enemy9.83 %6g 51s 91c
Templar Avenger5656aggressive32not enough data0 %
tomb keeper4142aggressive1444weak enemy15.28 %1g 35s 80c
tomb wight4243aggressive53317weak enemy20.64 %7g 65s 19c
tunneler3737aggressive350weak enemy0 %53s 78c
undead retainer3738aggressive4570weak enemy10.28 %1g 33s 53c
vigilant soul4647aggressive148725weak enemy10.83 %7g 53s 71c
Wizard Lichas4849aggressive1392weak enemy10.07 %2g 83s 90c
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