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Zone: Lough Gur

A total of 8314 monsters were killed here in Lough Gur and that resulted in a total of 682 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 8.2%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
Ailbe4545aggressive120not enough data16.67 %
Aodhan4142aggressive20not enough data0 %
alp luachra3132aggressive580weak enemy5.17 %93s 50c
amadan touched3030aggressive480weak enemy6.25 %54s 50c
Banghaisgidheach3536aggressive90not enough data22.22 %25s 25c
Blademaster1519neutral60not enough data0 %
Bran the Giant2425neutral70not enough data0 %
Brannigan2526neutral90not enough data0 %
black badger3737neutral791weak enemy8.86 %2g 61s 76c
black wraith5152aggressive231easy prey13.04 %25c
Curmie4747neutral52not enough data0 %
carrion worm3636aggressive221easy prey0 %
charred irewood greenbark3737aggressive10not enough data0 %30s
chipstone sheerie2222neutral511weak enemy0 %
cluricaun2425neutral2134weak enemy12.68 %83s 69c
corpan side3941aggressive3880weak enemy9.54 %3g 21s 96c
curmudgeon fighter1819neutral3824weak enemy11.78 %3s 9c
curmudgeon poacher1516neutral490weak enemy12.24 %5s 1c
curmudgeon scout1718neutral920weak enemy0 %18c
Druid2222aggressive30not enough data0 %7s 23c
Druid Spirit303011not enough data0 %
dampwood mite2324aggressive1489easy prey0 %45s 29c
deamhan aeir3637aggressive6549weak enemy11.01 %1g 54s 22c
deamhan hound4243aggressive7915weak enemy9.61 %2g 18s 35c
dew sheerie1717aggressive1908easy prey10.53 %27s 72c
dullahan4849aggressive2928weak enemy11.99 %10g 6s 98c
faerie beetle1818neutral210easy prey0 %
faerie horse2124neutral700weak enemy17.14 %96s 19c
fallen one2425neutral150not enough data0 %3s
far darrig4647aggressive3601weak enemy8.89 %5g 41s 52c
far liath3233aggressive960weak enemy9.38 %1g 17s 21c
fishing bear1820neutral332easy prey15.15 %4s 59c
fishing bear forager1515neutral30not enough data0 %3s 57c
fog wraith3232aggressive20not enough data0 %
ghostly wickerman4040aggressive490weak enemy4.08 %
ghoulie2223aggressive2068weak enemy11.65 %55s 74c
giant ant2223neutral530weak enemy0 %3s 56c
giant beetle2122aggressive660weak enemy0 %11s 97c
gray spectre2425aggressive40not enough data0 %3s 75c
great druid gweoran4646aggressive20not enough data0 %
greater dew sheerie3940aggressive21620easy prey0 %
greater luch2526neutral771weak enemy0 %11s 55c
gurite ambusher2021neutral220easy prey9.09 %2s 73c
gurite assailer2425aggressive1575weak enemy8.28 %1g 18s 18c
gurite footpad1617aggressive691weak enemy11.59 %1s 44c
gurite lookout3838aggressive180not enough data0 %
gurite piller1922aggressive670weak enemy0 %5s 61c
gurite raider4041aggressive640weak enemy0 %5s 71c
gurite seeker3132aggressive601weak enemy0 %6s 36c
gurite waylayer2627aggressive1543weak enemy11.04 %1g 66s 35c
hill hound1920aggressive230easy prey0 %6s 90c
huge rage wolf4344aggressive1290weak enemy3.88 %32s 28c
Iago3636aggressive20not enough data0 %
iago3737aggressive10not enough data0 %
ire wolf2526aggressive150not enough data0 %6s 83c
irewood greenbark4242aggressive550weak enemy10.91 %87s 73c
irewood sapling2222aggressive2110weak enemy13.27 %59s 21c
Lhia5252neutral30not enough data0 %
Luchtigern3131neutral90not enough data0 %28s 50c
large luch1819neutral400weak enemy0 %9s 34c
large red wolfhound1718neutral320weak enemy0 %10s 10c
lesser banshee3738aggressive50not enough data40 %9g 76s
lhiannan-sidhe4849aggressive735easy prey9.59 %6g 61s 49c
little unicorn2424neutral170not enough data0 %
luch2121aggressive205not enough data0 %
luch catcher2627aggressive1785weak enemy10.67 %1g 38s 57c
luch hunter3434aggressive360weak enemy5.56 %1g 57s 18c
lugradan2830aggressive2402weak enemy7.92 %1g 18s 82c
Melancholic Fairy Tiendora4748aggressive60not enough data0 %83s 2c
Melancholy Fairy Queen4747aggressive20not enough data0 %
Meriach4949neutral20not enough data0 %
melancholic faerie bodyguard4445aggressive30not enough data0 %
melancholic fairy4546aggressive671weak enemy8.96 %23s 66c
melancholic fairy guard4747aggressive10not enough data0 %
merman2728aggressive100not enough data0 %21s 58c
merucha3030aggressive20not enough data0 %11s 13c
pall spectre3839aggressive4910weak enemy7.94 %47s 70c
parthanan1718aggressive7344weak enemy7.9 %21s 16c
pooka5050aggressive241easy prey16.67 %2g 81s 88c
Rat-catcher2728friendly80not enough data0 %
rage wolf3233aggressive920weak enemy0 %22s 61c
Smidget3535neutral30not enough data0 %
Smirky3434friendly100not enough data0 %
Suarachan4343aggressive80not enough data12.5 %4g 8s 24c
savage fishing bear5051aggressive324equal opponent18.75 %1g 10s 93c
scanradh4141aggressive70not enough data0 %
scourge rat2122friendly280weak enemy0 %
siabra mireguard3940aggressive420weak enemy0 %45s 47c
siabra raider3840aggressive640weak enemy7.81 %1g 31s 65c
siabra wayguard4445aggressive60not enough data16.67 %2g 74s 34c
siog piller1920aggressive300weak enemy6.67 %39s 37c
stone sheerie2223neutral831weak enemy10.84 %1s 75c
Tiomoid4141neutral30not enough data0 %
Tracker Tremain2628aggressive160not enough data0 %
Trefor3536aggressive50not enough data0 %
vindictive bocan2223aggressive270weak enemy0 %9s 18c
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