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Zone: Llyn Barfog

A total of 11476 monsters were killed here in Llyn Barfog and that resulted in a total of 1383 dropped items that equipped our brave heroes. The average droprate for this zone is then 12.05%.

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NameLevel fromLevel toAggroTotal killedPlayers killedDeadlinessDroprateAvg kill value
afanc hatchling2526aggressive430weak enemy9.3 %22s 65c
Basher3838aggressive40not enough data0 %
Beater4343aggressive20not enough data0 %
bearded gorger5356aggressive111762easy prey10.83 %34s 2c
black bear1717aggressive503easy prey4 %11s 74c
bwgan2223aggressive363easy prey11.11 %38s 34c
bwgan elder2425aggressive335hard opponent12.12 %60s 22c
bwgan fisherman2324aggressive1036easy prey5.83 %9s 56c
bwgan hunter2324aggressive1302weak enemy6.92 %26s 87c
bwgwl2829neutral100647easy prey8.15 %96s 59c
cwn annwn2223aggressive10518hard opponent0 %13s 26c
cythraul2022aggressive74018weak enemy9.73 %6s 4c
deep lake adder2525aggressive60not enough data0 %
diamondback toad5354neutral258bring a group0 %
Ellyll champion5757aggressive10not enough data0 %91s 80c
Ellyll explorer4546neutral60not enough data0 %24s 48c
Ellyll froglord4849aggressive20not enough data0 %2g 67s
Ellyll guard4849aggressive31not enough data33.33 %13g 31s 4c
Ellyll sage5555aggressive20not enough data50 %1g 42s
Ellyll windchaser4747aggressive301weak enemy6.67 %3g 19s 37c
Evocatus praetorii2626aggressive400weak enemy12.5 %
Fester6464neutral10not enough data0 %
frenzied feeder5560aggressive83941easy prey9.3 %
gwr-drwgiaid1617aggressive1581weak enemy6.96 %3s 42c
huge boar1919aggressive130not enough data0 %5s 77c
Ifor3232aggressive20not enough data0 %
Islwyn2830aggressive50not enough data20 %50s 11c
King of the Barfog Hills6163neutral20not enough data50 %
Legendary Afanc6464neutral20not enough data50 %
Lieutenant Grimarth2121aggressive220easy prey0 %
Llyn Chythraul4343neutral181not enough data0 %5s 50c
Lunaris primus pilus3132aggressive440weak enemy25 %3s 87c
lake adder1011aggressive252easy prey0 %
Mouth6363neutral10not enough data0 %
needletooth devourer5863aggressive171869easy prey9.2 %
Rhyfelwr1616aggressive110not enough data0 %
ravenclan giant5151aggressive150not enough data0 %
reanimated servant2424friendly10not enough data0 %
renegade guard1920aggressive1715weak enemy10.53 %1g 6s 15c
rusted skeleton3031aggressive90not enough data0 %
Siemus Tracksniffer2929aggressive91not enough data22.22 %3g 30s 32c
Sir Dillus2223aggressive321weak enemy0 %
Teazanodwc6565neutral10not enough data0 %
undead monk2931aggressive19210weak enemy10.15 %72s 68c
Windchaser Naihera4647aggressive90not enough data11.11 %
Wrath of Mordred6767neutral20not enough data50 %
welsh hobgoblin1818aggressive1013weak enemy8.91 %13s 84c
welsh hobgoblin chief2020aggressive140not enough data0 %
wicked cythraul2627aggressive284675weak enemy20.52 %2g 35s 2c
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